Some Winter Warming Tips

Wood fires, mulled wine & woolly jumpers are just a few of the better things about the Winter months. Plonked in front of a raging fire, wine (mulled or not) maybe even some nice cheese & crackers all wrapped up in a nice and toasty woollen jumper is quintessential Winter. Personally speaking, I can’t wait for the Summer months to roll back around again, but that’s just me. Some people are Summer people, others are Winter.


I say, nothing warms the cockles like a grand old fireplace.

For another unscheduled digression from our regular Self Storage focused blog, we thought we would look at a few ways to keep warm and well this winter. The ‘well’ part being a bit more tricky sometimes than ‘warm‘ as we are all at the mercy of the random stranger at the supermarket with a cold or the work colleague that decided that work was better than bed and rest with a cold in full swing. Sharing the love and mucus.


Mulled wine - the cause of, and solution to, most of life's problems!

Keeping distance is a good start, as too is keeping some hand santiser at the ready. Hands are the biggest transmitters of bacteria and viruses. Just think how many things your hands touch in the space of a day and how many times you touch your face, be it for a bit of scratch or an eye rub. Those creepy crawlies get everywhere! If a cold does take hold, rest, fluids and vitamin tablets can help reduce the duration and severity of the invading lurgy! Hand sanitizer also helps in preventing the spread of a cold if you have one too.

Vitamins can help take the stick out a nasty cold. Vitamin C & Garlic are a couple of winners!


Another Winter Tip is that keeping warm can help stave off any Winter bugs as well. If you let your body temp drop too much and make you body stressed it can also aid in the virus’ quest to seek you out as a good host. Again going back to jumpers and fireplaces, although fireplaces are probably less accessible. Making sure you are suitably rugged up to battle the cold (and yes, it is a battle!) will aid in keeping you warm and protected.


So remember to keep rugged up, seek the comfort of a open fireplace and keep your vitamins and fluids up and you should be able to weather the storm, (pun intended) of Winter.

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