Do you have any hidden charges?

Some storage facilities still charge security deposits, administration fees and cleaning fees which can sometimes double the cost of your first month’s rental. To prevent any nasty surprises be sure to ask before you book a unit if there are any hidden charges or deposits in addition to the monthly rental rate that you were quoted. Also check out the notice period required to vacate your unit, 30 days is the norm at some facilities, we think 7 days is fair. So you only pay for the time that you actually store.

What is your access like?

Be sure to check the storage centre you choose has easy access. One of the biggest hassles when storing can be the bottle necks at loading bays which can cause delays while loading and unloading your goods. This can be very expensive if you’re paying removalists by the hour and very frustrating if you’re moving yourself. All 8 Fort Knox Storage Centres offer easy extended hours access 7 days a week. Don’t fall into the trap of taking a unit you can only access during office hours. Even if you don’t think you will need to access your goods it’s reassuring to know you can access them when it suits you. Most of our suites offer access 6am to 9pm every day of the year via your secret personal pin access code.

How secure is my unit?

Take no chances always use a storage centre that provides you with the best security coverage you can get. Bolt cutters can cut through most padlocks like butter, for your added protection and peace of mind look for a facility that offers tamper proof locking systems. Insist on individual back to base door alarms, a covered latching system or at the very least high quality disc locks. At Fort Knox it’s reassuring to know that we have invested in the best state of the art access, video surveillance and door alarm and lock protection systems for your peace of mind.

Does the unit have a solid roof?

When selecting a storage unit we recommend that you walk into the unit and check that it has 4 solid walls and a roof. We recommend individual lock up units with a solid roof. To protect your goods don’t settle for a wire roof or no roof at all.

What sizes do you have?

Does the facility you are considering have a wide range of unit sizes to choose from? Why pay for space you don’t need? At Fort Knox our experienced friendly staff are committed to placing you in the unit best suited to your needs. They can advise you how you can pack a lot of items into a small space.
For example, you can:

  • Use same size packing boxes to fill the unit to the top.
  • Place couches on their ends

These are just a couple of our many tips that will help save you money. Remember we sell a wide range of moving and packing supplies at great discount prices. Visit our online store to order packing supplies.

Insurance – Goods worth storing are worth insuring

It is your responsibility to insure your goods in storage. To save you money check with your existing home contents provider to see if your contents insurance has provisions for items in storage. You may already be covered, if not Fort Knox offers an affordable easy pay by the month insurance policy.

Will you help me move in?

If you don’t have access to a moving truck or trailer you will probably have to rent one. When storing with Fort Knox Self Storage we offer all our customers use of our free move in trailer. This fully enclosed 2.4 X 1.5 X 1.5 metre trailer can save you dollars on truck rental costs. If you want a professional removalist to help with your move just ask for our list of preferred removalists that offer affordable rates to Fort Knox customers. Or ask about the special deal we have negotiated with Thrifty Truck Rentals.

Don’t forget to ask about our new Free Truck & Driver service.

Now that you are ready to shop around we can’t stress the importance of visiting each facility you contact. Take the time to make your own judgements based on the appearance of each facility and the features and benefits they offer. By the way if you happen to visit one of the 8 conveniently located Fort Knox Storage Centres, be sure to ask for your free 20 page storage information pack which includes bonus vouchers.

Need help packing!

Looking for your closest Fort Knox Self Storage location? We have ten self-storage facilities located around the Greater Melbourne area.

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