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fortknox-icons-export How much does storage cost?

Prices vary by storage size and location. Use our obligation free online instant quote to find out the price of storage at the location you need.

fortknox-icons-export Are there other cost besides the monthly Storage unit rent?

No, there are no extra costs or hidden fees when you rent storage unit at one of our Fort Knox Self Storage locations.

fortknox-icons-export Can I get the move-in discount again after the first 2 months?

No. The discount is a great special for new customers only.

fortknox-icons-export Are there discounts for long term storage?

Yes. We will offer a 5% off for a 6-month advance payment and 10% off for a 12-month advance payment.

fortknox-icons-export Do I have to pay to reserve a unit?

Yes, a small non-refundable reservation fee is required to secure your chosen unit.

Office hours & Access to Units

fortknox-icons-export What are your office hours?

We are open from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 3.00pm on Saturdays.

fortknox-icons-export When can I access my locker/ storage unit?

Once you become a customer you can access everyday of the year. Most locations are 6am to 9pm. Dandenong and Moorabbin are 6am to 8pm in Summer and 7am to 6pm in Winter.

fortknox-icons-export Are you open on Sundays?

Our offices are not open on a Sunday but customers can access their storage units.

fortknox-icons-export Is there 24-hour access?

No. Our hours allow for practical access to your unit, whilst locking down at night makes it possible for us to provide a higher level of security and monitoring.

fortknox-icons-export Do you have parking on site?

Yes, all our sites have access and parking for cars, vans and moving trucks.

fortknox-icons-export Can I drive up to the unit?

Some sites have drive up storage units available. If you require a drive up storage unit let the staff at your location know when discussing unit options.

fortknox-icons-export Do I have to come in with the removalist?

If you have already completed the move-in admin requirements, you can give the removalist your key and code. They can access your unit, as you have authorised their entry.

fortknox-icons-export What’s my unit number and/or PIN?

For security reasons you will need to call your location for these details and go through the ID verification process. Alternatively, these details are in your initial move-in email.

fortknox-icons-export Do you have a spare key for my unit?

We do not have keys to any of the storage units. If you have lost your 3 keys please contact us for the details of a locksmith. This costs around $120.

fortknox-icons-export Can I give my relative access the unit?

If you are happy to give them your keys and code, then yes, they can access your unit as you have authorised entry.

fortknox-icons-export Can you hold my key?

We prefer not to hold customer keys. However, we will look at each request on a case by case basis. Please contact your site to discuss this further.

fortknox-icons-export Have I coded in and out correctly?

All the PIN pads on the outside of the location or building turn your door alarm OFF when you enter. PIN pads on the inside of the building turn your alarm ON when you leave.

fortknox-icons-export Do you accept deliveries?

Arrangements can be made to assist with deliveries to your storage unit.

fortknox-icons-export Is it on ground floor?

Some units are on the ground floor. Let us know what location and size you are interested in and we can advise if there are ground floor units available.


fortknox-icons-export I need to pay my bill

You can your account pay here – https://www.fortknoxselfstorage.com.au/pay-your-bills-2/ or we recommend paying via credit autobill. You get $20 credit when you use this method. Alternatively, you can pay online, in person, over the phone or via Bpay.

fortknox-icons-export When is my payment due?

Your payment is due on the anniversary day of your move-in each month. For example – Your rental started on the 15th of the month, then it is due on that day each month.

fortknox-icons-export Can I pay my Invoice by credit card?

Yes you can. Call us directly to process payments over the phone, or set up autobill and we will process it automatically for you each month, or pay online at https://www.fortknoxselfstorage.com.au/pay-your-bills-2/

fortknox-icons-export How do I change my billing information?

You can email us directly or call to change your billing information. We will need to verify you, hence the need to contact us.

fortknox-icons-export Can I get a discount for paying in advance?

Yes. We will offer a 5% discount for 6-month advance payment and 10% for 12-month advance payment.

fortknox-icons-export Can I pay for my storage fortnightly?

You must pay for the first month in full up front. After that, you can pay on a fortnightly basis. However we would prefer monthly payments.

fortknox-icons-export What if I can't pay my rent?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent please contact the staff at your storage location to discuss your situation.

Protection Cover

fortknox-icons-export Is protection cover included in my monthly fee?

No. If you choose to add protection cover, you get free protection cover for your first month. After that it is $15.00  per $5,000 of cover.

fortknox-icons-export What does protection cover cover?

We offer Protection cover. This can cover for claims against Fire, Lightning, Impact, Explosion, Earthquake, Aircraft, Riots and Strikes, Malicious Damage, Storm and Tempest and/or Water and Burglary. For a full list of the Terms and conditions we have a copy of the product disclosure statement (PDS), which can be viewed at anytime in our office or sent via email.

Box Shop

fortknox-icons-export Do you deliver moving boxes and packing supplies?

Melbourne Metro Delivery $25
Free Delivery for orders over $200*
*Maximum 20km from your chosen Fort Knox Site

fortknox-icons-export Do you have click and collect?

Yes. A member of our team will call you when your order is ready to pick up.

fortknox-icons-export How long does it take to process an online order?

Orders are processed during our office hours. Orders made within business hours are usually processed on the same day.

fortknox-icons-export Can I put moving boxes and merchandise on my account?

Yes, and you can pay on your next month’s bill.

fortknox-icons-export Do you sell mattress covers?

Yes, you can find them in store or online.

fortknox-icons-export Do you buy back used boxes?

We do not buy back used boxes. We sell our boxes to you at a cheaper price so you save money on the purchase price. Most local councils will pick up cardboard for recycling for free, or you can donate your boxes to a local charity.


fortknox-icons-export How does the sign up process work?

Our process is completely paperless. When you reserve a unit with us, we will send a link to most of the paperwork online. On you move-in day you can sign up online with a copy of your photo ID or you can come in and sign up in store.

fortknox-icons-export Can I have a look at the locker/ storage unit before booking?

Yes. Drop in during office hours and we can give you a tour of the facilities and show you the lockers/ storage units.

fortknox-icons-export Can I rent a storage when I am in another country?

Yes. Our online booking process allows you to book your storage unit before you arrive in Australia.

fortknox-icons-export Do you have any movers that can help me?

We can give you a list of preferred movers that have been recommended to us by previous customers. Just ask the staff at your storage location as they have a list of local movers that work in your area.

fortknox-icons-export Does the Move-In van include a driver?

No. The vans are easy to drive with automatic transmission.

fortknox-icons-export Is there a minimum storage period?

The minimum time that you can store for is 1 month.

fortknox-icons-export How long can I rent a storage unit?

You can rent a storage unit for as long as you need to.

fortknox-icons-export What do I get with my storage unit?

Every storage unit comes with a free padlock, that is yours to keep.

fortknox-icons-export What size are the storage units?

We have a variety of storage unit sizes to suit your storage needs, from small lockers to large units. Check out our space estimator to find the size that you need. If you need specific size and height measurements please contact the staff your storage location.

fortknox-icons-export Can I upsize/downsize my unit?

Yes, you can upsize or downsize at any time during your stay with us. Give us a call and we will work out the best option for you.

fortknox-icons-export Do you have car/trailer storage?

We have car & trailer storage at most sites in fully enclosed storage units. We don’t have cheaper outdoor or open storage for vehicles.

fortknox-icons-export Do you have temperature controlled wine storage?

Yes. We have temperature and humidity controlled wine storage at our Scoresby, Ringwood & Eltham locations.

fortknox-icons-export Is there pest control?

We have a fully managed pest control solution that is maintained by Hayes Pest Control.

fortknox-icons-export Do you have a pallet jack?

Yes. We have a pallet jack available at all locations for use during office hours. Some locations also have a walkie stacker forklift.

fortknox-icons-export What kind of security you have?

Every location is slightly different, however all Fort Knox Locations have back to base movement sensors, externally monitored camera systems, PIN access to authorised customers and a ‘locked down’ cut off time every night.

fortknox-icons-export Can I use the bins?

Yes. Prices start from $20 per ¼ bin or $80 for the whole bin which is 6m3.

fortknox-icons-export How do I end my storage when I want to leave?

You can contact us via phone or email to notify us of your move-out date. We are extremely flexible and just need 7 days notice that you are leaving. If you know that date in advance, it is always simpler to pay up to your last day when you make your final payment.

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