8 – 4 Weeks Ahead

  • Decide on a firm date for moving
  • Visit or call Fort Knox Self Storage to reserve your self storage unit
  • Book the free Fort Knox Self Storage free move-in trailer, if required
  • Book removalist or a rental van (information available upon request at Fort Knox Self Storage)
  • Arrange insurance either with removalist or insurance company for goods in transit
  • Buy packing supplies from Fort Knox Self Storage
  • Start packing boxes as soon as possible
  • Sell or donate unneeded items. Try a garage sale or market stall
  • Advise children’s school/kindergarten of move and get copies of school records
  • Start to use and finish food in freezer and pantry.

4 – 1 Weeks Ahead

  • Continue packing and remember to label each box with contents and intended location
  • Have clothing dry cleaned. Check items in repair shops
  • Notify gas, electricity and phone companies of your cancellation and set date for reconnection at new address
  • Advise the Electoral Role of your new address
  • Change address for drivers licence and motor registration
  • Organise to redirect mail with Australia Post
  • Make an inventory of your household contents
  • Organise house insurance to be transferred from old house to new and make any adjustments for coverage. Update values
  • Send change of address cards to memberships, magazines, friends and relatives
  • Return borrowed items and pick up things you have lent to others
  • Ask friends and relatives to help on moving day
  • Arrange for pets to be transported.

Day Before

  • Empty, clean and defrost fridge and freezer. Check that water trays are empty
  • Disconnect washing machine and let hoses drain. Prepare other appliances for removal
  • Drain Garden hoses and store in clean garbage bins
  • Have everything packed and ready to load except bedding.

Moving Day

  • Consider the essential things you will need when you first arrive and carry them with you
  • Remember to also carry valuables and important papers
  • Have children help out (if applicable). Keeping them involved helps them take the move in their stride
  • Strip beds. Cover mattresses with mattress bags
  • Pick up Fort Knox Self Storage free trailer
  • Check inside the house and garden so that nothing is left behind
  • Turn off water and lights. Lock windows and doors.

When you’re off on your big adventure you can leave your furniture in our safe hands. We will treat it like gold, so that’s one less thing you need to worry about!


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