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Wine Storage

Fort Knox Self Storage has a wine storage solution for your collection – be it large or small.

Do you want to maximize the life of your wine and maintain it’s quality, but don’t have ideal cellaring conditions at home? Do you have too many cases of red (or white!) but not enough room to keep them? Fort Knox Wine Storage has the answer! Whether it is just a few bottles of your most precious wine or an entire cellar, Fort Knox has the perfect wine storage solution for you. With wine storage from as little as $2.89 per bottle per year*, you can keep your prized wines in perfect cellaring conditions, for minimum cost.

Just like a 5-star hotel for your wine, Fort Knox has private, state of the art security monitored wine cellars which are thermostatically climate controlled at 14-16°C and kept at a constant 75% humidity.** Keeping your wine in the best possible cellaring conditions and helping it age to perfection.

  • Storing by the bottle or by the case
  • Seeking greater security for your wine investment
  • Turning your wine cellar into a spare room
  • Looking for more space for your wine collection
  • Renting your home, or in between homes
  • Securing your wine collection whilst you move home
  • Reclaiming your garage or shed
  • Clearing out the spare room for relatives

*Based on storage of 18 dozen bottles at our Fort Knox Eltham facility
**All except Fort Knox city which features a subterranean cellar.



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