Plan your storage space to save time, packing frustration and keep safe.

Fort Knox storage expert holding a document box in front of a stack of flat boxes
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    Add Protection

    Place soft cloths or cardboard underneath mattresses, couches, boxes and beds to keep them protected.
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    Build a foundation

    Place large heavy items at the rear of the unit. Then work forwards and upwards with lighter fragile items.
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    Room to Breathe

    Don’t lean items against the walls. Leave air space around the perimeter to aid ventilation.
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    Easy Access

    Pack items you want to access in storage into the truck first. That way they’ll be packed into the unit last, near the door.
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    Important things

    Store important documents and small items like, keys and remote controls, in one box, so they can be easily found.
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    Use all the space

    Label boxes on all sides for easy locating. You can use the space inside cupboards, fridges, etc.. to store boxes.
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    Cover and upend

    Protect mattresses and soft furnishings with mattress and lounge covers. Store couches on their end to maximise space.
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    Keep mirrors vertical

    Wrap with bubble wrap and use mirror boxes. Store upright and secure them between soft items like mattresses.
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    Clean and empty white goods

    Defrost and clean refrigerator and freezer and store with doors ajar. Make sure all water is drained out of washing machines.
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    Stack securely

    Check that everything is stacked securely and not too high. Falling items can injure you or be damaged.

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