Boxes, bubble wrap, paper and blankets – we’ve got the lot.

Protect your goods that go into self storage with these packing products:

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    Protect fragile items first by wrapping them individually and secondly labelling the cartons ‘fragile’. And always store on top, never at the bottom.
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    Protect clothes from pests by ensuring they are packed clean and with cedar blocks or other anti-moth products in our Fort Knox Self Storage clothing and linen bags, port-a-robes or tea chests.
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    Box Books

    Books should be packed flat so the spines won’t break, and always in small boxes specifically designed for books. Never pack fragile items with books.
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    Use Padding

    To prevent rubbing and compression during transit and storage, use padding to separate your goods. Things like felt blankets, cushions, cardboard and bubble wrap all help.
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    Add ground protection

    Fort Knox Self Storage units are kept spotlessly clean but, it’s still a good idea to position soft cloths or cardboard underneath mattresses, couches, boxes and beds to keep them protected.
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    Stop pests

    Do not store anything that may attract vermin. Perishable food – including wheat bags and dried flowers, food crumbs and stains on soft furnishings and clothes can attract uninvited guests into your Self Storage unit – and everyone else’s!
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    Keep mirrors vertical

    Wrap mirrors and pictures with bubble wrap or use mirror boxes. Never store these items flat. Place mirrors in upright position and protect them by securing them between softer items such as mattresses or bed-bases.
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    Defrost and clean

    Defrost and clean refrigerator and freezer and store with doors slightly ajar. Always move and store your fridge in an upright position. Once clean, keep a deodoriser inside – like baking soda – to maintain freshness.
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    Drain water

    Make sure all water is drained out of washing machines and secure the drum. Put each hose-end in a small plastic bag and secure tightly so no water leaks out and damages your goods.
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    Empty shelves

    Protect the shelves and structure of your furniture by emptying wardrobes, cupboards and drawers while moving. Refill when in storage.

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