Privacy Policy

The Privacy Act 1988 requires entities bound by the Australian Privacy Principles to have a privacy policy. This privacy policy outlines the personal information handling practices of Fort Knox Self Storage Pty Ltd. It applies to all personal information collected by Fort Knox Self Storage Pty, Ltd, Fort Knox Group Pty. Ltd and its subsidiaries and other related bodies corporate (Fort Knox Self Storage). It includes information collected via and any related Fort Knox Self Storage website, social media page, internal website or intranet, any mobile or tablet application and from an individual via any other means, including physically or electronically.

In this policy we explain how and why we collect your personal information, how we use and disclose it, and what controls you have over our use of it. We appreciate that you may have certain concerns about how your personal information is collected, used and shared. We can assure you that we will always handle your personal information securely and sensitively.

A number of Australian laws, other than the Privacy Act 1988 relate to privacy. These laws generally require Fort Knox Self Storage to fulfil additional provisions or actions or require certain agencies to consult with Fort Knox Self Storage on privacy matters.

In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector Act 2000) (Commonwealth), Fort Knox Self Storage is required to comply with the 13 National Privacy Principles (NPPs). Fort Knox Self Storage takes its obligations under this legislation seriously and will seek to take all reasonable steps to comply with the Act so that we can protect the privacy of the personal information we hold.

Fort Knox Self Storage collect, maintain, use and disclose personal information to carry out functions or activities, we comply with all applicable Australian privacy laws including the:

Open and transparent management of personal information
Fort Knox Self Storage will be open and transparent in how it manages the personal information it collects. It will do so by having in place a publicly available statement setting out how personal information is handled and through the establishment of this privacy policy, which will be made available to an individual if requested.

Anonymity and pseudonymity:
Wherever lawful, Fort Knox Self Storage will provide individuals with the option of being provided with a product or service by us on an anonymous basis. However, this only applies where it is practicable for Fort Knox Self Storage to deal with you acting anonymously or under a pseudonym, such as a general enquiry.

All storers and employees are required by law to disclose their full identity as they will be signing legal binding contracts with Fort Knox Self Storage.

Collection of information:
We will only collect information that is relevant to our business relationship with you. This information is generally collected directly from you. You are required to keep us informed of any changes to this information. We do not collect sensitive information from you (as defined in the Act) without your consent or unless authorised by law.

We collect and use your personal information to assist us to provide you with storage and do business with you. You may choose to not provide us with personal information, but if we cannot identify you it is impractical for us to offer you storage. We may need to disclose your information to others outside our business, including services providers, law enforcement agencies, debt collection agencies, storer screening databases and others. In some circumstances, your information may be sent outside of Australia for processing or storage, including to NZ, USA and the UK. (**)

**In general Fort Knox Self Storage will not disclose an individual’s personal information to an organisation or individual outside Australia unless, generally, the country to which it is being disclosed has a similar level of privacy protection or the individual, or their authorised or legal representative, has consented to the disclosure.

Types of personal information we collect:
We collect personal information that you provide directly to us, such as when you make an enquiry, reserve a storage unit, sign a storage agreement or enter a competition or promotion. This may include:

  • Contact Details; personal details such as name, address, phone numbers, email address, as in the application of our Self Storage Agreement.
  • Contact details of alternate contacts who may wish to have access to the storage unit or in case of emergency or inability to contact you.
  • Information about your use of products and services.
  • Verification of your identity via Government Issued photo identification, e.g.: Drivers Licence, Passport or Key Pass.
  • Financial Information including credit card and payment details.
  • Information and feedback regarding your experience with our products and services.

How we use your information:
Fort Knox Self Storage collects personal information so that we can provide you with excellent customer service and satisfaction. We need to collect information to deliver storage products and services to you, to complete legal agreements, transactions on your behalf and to better understand your requirements and preferences. Personal information is collected for several different primary purposes, which have been identified as follows:

  • Carrying out business, which includes the provision of storage to you, account management and our product research and analysis, via any medium including mail, telephone, email, SMS, or any other forms or electronic, emerging, digital or conventional communication channels.
  • To fulfil obligations in respect to terms and conditions of use of the self-storage agreement, van hire, and or any other contracts between you and Fort Knox Self Storage.
  • To send legal, administrative or other important notices and correspondence.
  • To provide you with information regarding your account, links to documents and sensitive information and receipt of, content and transactions of any purchases of services and products.
  • Providing information to you on our products and services available. You can however at any time request not to receive these.
  • Fulfilling our legal requirements such as disclosure to Law enforcement agencies and the courts.
  • If we need to enforce our agreement with you in any way.
  • To manage your employment with us.
  • To foster and maintain a relationship with you.
  • For testing and training purposes.

Information we collect from your use of our websites and application:
When you use a website or application, we may also collect personal information about you in the following general categories:

  • Location information: if you permit a website or application to access location services through the permission system in your mobile device, we may collect the precise location of your device.
  • Transaction information: we collect your transaction details when you place an enquiry, make a reservation, or place an order through our box shop, the date and time of your enquiry / order and the details of the transaction.
  • Usage and preferences: we collect information about how you interact with our websites or applications, including the pages you visit, your preferences and settings that you choose. We may do this using cookies and other similar technologies that uniquely identify you.
  • Device information: we may collect information about your device such as the hardware model, operating system, preferred language, unique device identifier and mobile network.
  • Other information: we may also collect and log information such as your IP address, access dates and times, browser type and pages visited when you interact with a website or application.

Cookies, tags, and passive information collection:
As you navigate through our websites and access our applications, certain information can be passively collected (that means it is, gathered without you actively providing the information) using various technologies, such as cookies, Internet tags or web beacons, and navigational data collection (log files, server logs and clickstream data). For example, we may collect information about matters, including but not limited to the date, time and duration of visits and which pages of a website or application are most accessed. This information is generally not linked to the identity of visitors, except where a website or application is accessed via links in an email or another electronic message we have sent or where we are able to uniquely identify the device or user accessing a website or application, such as when you are logged into an account.

We may combine your anonymous or personal visitor session information or other information collected through tracking technologies with other personal information collected from you from time to time, in order to understand and measure your online experiences and to determine what services, products, promotions and ancillary services are likely to be of interest to you. By accessing a website or application via links in an email we have sent and / or by accessing a website or application where you have identified yourself, you consent to the collection of such information where it is personal information.

Links to other websites and organisations:
Our website may, from time to time, contain links to the websites of other organisations which may be of interest to you. Their inclusion cannot be taken to imply any endorsement or validation by us of the content of the third-party website. Linked websites are responsible for their own privacy practices and you should check those websites for their respective privacy statements. Fort Knox Self Storage is not responsible, nor does it accept any liability, for the conduct of companies linked to our website.

Information that we collect from third parties:
In addition to the information listed above, in some cases we may collect personal information about you from legitimate third party sources, including social media sites, list brokers and other data providers that share data in circumstances where it is lawful and / or they have your permission to do so. This may include:

  • When you choose to create an account or register for a product or service via a website or application using a social media platform such as Facebook.
  • When a third party has your consent to disclose your personal information to us, such as when you enter a competition or promotion administered by a third party on our behalf.
  • When it is otherwise lawful for a third party to disclose your personal information to us, such as when we access purchasing information through our business partners or are provided data by a list broker.

How we use and disclose personal information:
Fort Knox Self Storage will only use and disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected, or for a secondary purpose (where that secondary purpose is related to the primary purpose) when the requirements, as detailed in the privacy principles, for the use or disclosure of that personal information for a secondary purpose can be met. Generally, this will mean:

  • The individual will have a reasonable expectation that Fort Knox Self Storage may use and / or disclose such information for the secondary purpose.
  • The individual, or if unable, their authorised or legal representative, has consented.
  • Such use and / or disclosure is required, authorised, or permitted under law, or for lawful action, or for the prevention of unlawful activity. Where we reasonably suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in and the use or disclosure is a necessary part of our investigation or in reporting the matter to the relevant authorities.
  • Where we reasonably believe that the use or disclosure is necessary for prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of crimes or wrongdoings or the preparation for, conduct of, proceedings before any court or tribunal or the implementation of the orders of a court or tribunal by or on behalf of an enforcement body.
  • The use and / or disclosure is for statistical purposes.
  • The use and / or disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious and imminent threat to the life, health, safety or welfare of an individual or the public.

Note: Fort Knox Self Storage employees are not authorised to give information by request of any persons as listed below, without prior permission from the owner / senior management team.

Who will use your information?
Fort Knox Self Storage will not share, sell or trade in your personal information to any non, Fort Knox Self Storage company or person, except where we may be legally required by law.
Fort Knox Self Storage will ensure that personal information will only be used or disclosed for a secondary purpose when it can be demonstrated that there is a relationship with the primary purpose.

The Facility may disclose any information we have about you including your Personal Information to the following:

a) Government departments.
b) Law enforcement agencies, including the police.
c) Investigators.
d) Any person who can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Facility a legal or equitable interest in the goods stored.
e) Liquidators, administrators or other persons appointed to administer the Storer’s financial affairs.
f) Debt collection services.
g) Your alternate contact person.
h) Storer screening databases such as Storer Check.
i) Service providers, including but not limited to insurers.
j) Agents for any of the above.

You make the following authorisation regarding your Alternate Contact Person:

a) That you have the right to disclose information about them including their
Personal Information.
b) That you will inform them that you have made this disclosure.
c) That the Facility may use this information as we would Personal Information
collected about you, the Storer.
d) That they may access and correct the information held by us in the same
manner you, the Storer, may correct your Personal Information.

Data quality:
Fort Knox Self Storage will take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information it collects, uses, maintains and discloses is accurate, complete, up to date and relevant. We will do this by verifying the accuracy, completeness and relevance of personal information when it is collected. If you believe any of the information, we hold about you is inaccurate please advise the facility in writing that your Personal Information is not correct and provide written corrections. We do have change of contact detail forms available in the Fort Knox site offices.

Data security and data retention:
Fort Knox Self Storage will take reasonable steps to ensure the personal information we hold is secure, protected from misuse and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We will do this through:

  • The provision and use of appropriate security measures for electronic records and transmission, including firewall, encryptions and password protection.
  • The maintenance of appropriate physical security measures for Fort Knox Self Storage’s offices and facilities.
  • Only authorised team members have access to customers information with restricted levels to access to personal information on a “need to know” basis.
  • The provision and use of lockable storage facilities for paper-based records.
  • Our administration and data collection processes are subject to strict controls and audits.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information we hold, which is no longer required is destroyed or de-identified in a secure manner.

Access and correction:
Upon request, Fort Knox Self Storage will provide individuals with access to their personal information, unless one of the exceptions which requires or allows access to be refused, as set out in the respective privacy principles, is exercised. Such exceptions apply generally as follows:

  • Providing access would pose a serious threat to the life or health of any individual.
  • Providing access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of another individual.
  • For personal information, the request for access is frivolous or vexatious.
  • There are considerations about legal proceedings which are under way, being investigated or anticipated.
  • Providing access would be unlawful.

Any request for access made to Fort Knox Self Storage is to be made in writing. Individuals requesting access will be required to establish their identity, and if a third party is legally able to request access on behalf of another individual, the bona fides of their right to be provided with access.

For requests for access to personal information, access will be provided within 14 days for simple requests and 30 days for more complicated requests. If a request for access is refused, the individual will be advised in writing, and the same timeframes will apply.

Fort Knox Self Storage may charge an individual for providing them with access. Should such a charge be levied for access to personal information it will be done so on a “cost recovery basis” only. If possible, individuals will be informed at the time of making a request for access if a charge will be applied and an estimation of those charges.

If an individual identifies that the information Fort Knox Self Storage holds on them is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, or not up to date, they may request that information be corrected. Fort Knox Self Storage will then make all reasonable effort to correct the information unless we are not willing to correct it. Should we not be willing to correct the information, written reasons for refusal will be provided to the individual. In such a circumstance, the individual may request an appropriate notation be appended to the information which was sought to be corrected.

Requests for access to your personal information are to be made to:

Privacy Officer
Fort Knox Self Storage
277 Wickham Road
Moorabbin VIC 3189
Or email: [email protected]

Corrections to your contact details or your alternate contact’s details can be made in writing to the individual sites and must be signed for.

It is necessary for Fort Knox Self Storage to adopt identifiers for the personal information we hold, however we will not adopt as an identifier any identifier assigned by a Commonwealth or State agency.

Sensitive information:
Fort Knox Self Storage will not seek to collect sensitive information unless there is a requirement to collect such information and, generally:

  • The individual has consented to such collection.
  • The collection is required by law.
  • The collection is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the life or health and safety of any individual.

Furthermore, Fort Knox Self Storage will not disclose any sensitive information without the consent of the individual.

Contact us:
Should an individual, or their authorised or legal representative, require further information or have a complaint regarding our privacy practices, collection, use, disclosure or safe disposal or destruction of your personal information, or wish to make a complaint about how their personal information has been managed they should in the first instance contact the Privacy Officer on:

To: Privacy Officer
Address: Fort Knox Self Storage
277 Wickham Road
Moorabbin VIC 3189
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9532 5744

Any complaints received will be investigated and we will attempt to resolve the matter.