Fort Knox Self Storage is 100% customer focused.
Our team will always give you the Fort Knox Self Storage gold experience.


Our focus is you

Our number one priority is to help you find the right storage solution to match your needs. We take the time to listen to you so that we can offer you the right storage unit size, and you never have to pay for storage that you don’t need. Our team of storage experts will always go the extra mile to help you move your goods into storage in an easy and organised way, and, most importantly, keep it safe and secure for the duration of its stay with us.


Not just a storage facility

Fort Knox is not just a storage facility, we are a community dedicated to helping you plan, organise, de-clutter and simplify your life. Helping you make room for the things that are most important to you and giving you the freedom to move.

We give you the best

  • Every facility is kept spotlessly clean.
  • First class customer service and perks. Including a free move in van, and a free padlock.
  • Stay dry, as most of our facilities have loading bays that are completely under cover.
  • No hidden fees and discounts for up front payments.
Storage expert opening Storage unit door

Next Level Security

  • Units are fitted with tamper proof locking mechanisms unique to Fort Knox.
  • Storage units are fully self-contained with individual door alarms and only you have the key.
  • Movement sensors and CCTV linked to an A grade monitoring centre.
  • Individual PIN entry access your unit 365 days per year.

Storage Solutions for All Needs

  • Wide range of unit sizes available, from small lockers to extra large double garage sized storage units.
  • Personal storage – furniture, sporting goods, household items, car, boat.
  • Business storage – documents, archival, office furniture.
  • Commercial & Warehouse – excess or seasonal stock and merchandise, tools and equipment.
  • Wine Storage – Temperature and humidity controlled wine storage at our Eltham, Ringwood and Scoresby locations.
  • Trolleys, Walkie stacker and pallet jack available to help move goods into storage.


You’ll find that our facilities are:

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    Clean and tidy

    Every facility is kept spotlessly clean
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    Next level secure

    Units are fitted with tamper proof locking mechanisms unique to Fort Knox
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    Burglar Proof

    Units are fully self contained and only you have the key
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    Stay Dry

    Loading bays that are completely under cover to protect you from the weather
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    Security Detail

    24 hour back to base security to an A grade Monitoring Centre
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    Extended 365 Access

    Access your unit every day of the year with PIN entry
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    Range of unit sizes

    Wide range of unit sizes available from small to extra big

Don’t pay for storage space you won’t use

Around 90% of our customers actually need a smaller unit than they think. Call us and we can show you how much you can save.