Environmental Initiatives

Fort Knox Environmental Initiatives

Fort Knox Self Storage is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities. To achieve this outcome the protection of the environment is the responsibility of all Fort Knox employees. Fort Knox regularly monitor its work activities to assess environmental performance. Our Environmental Policy is reviewed on a yearly basis or as circumstances require.

Electricity Consumption Efficiency

  • The internal lighting system is run on timers which use motion sensors.
  • The external lighting systems are run on timers and these are reviewed and changed with each season to ensure they are only used outside of daylight hours.
  • The power supplies are key locked to ensure they are only used during office hours.

Water Consumption

  • Gardens are filled with drought resistant plants so that watering systems do not have to be used.
  • Garden beds are regularly mulched to ensure that moisture from rain water is absorbed to feed the plants.
  • Dishwashers are not run unless full and are run on water saver cycles.

Paper Reduction and Recycling

  • Boxes are made from recycled corrugated paper.
    Office paper is made from recycled pulp.
  • To reduce the use of paper for invoices clients are encouraged to provide email addresses to which correspondence can be sent.
  • The secure document shredding service recycles 100% of the paper.

Landscape and Vegetation

  • Garden beds are planted around the offices and facilities to help maintain vegetation areas.