Keep important belongings safe during bushfire season

If you live in Victoria and your home is in a Bushfire Risk Zone, you are no doubt well aware of the Fire Danger Period. As part of your fire season preparation, you should think about storing valuable in a safe place, outside of the bushfire zone.

With a self storage unit you can store all your valuable and important belongings safely out of danger. Things like:

  • Important documents such as birth certificates, passports, protection cover and ownership documents
  • Photos, jewellery, sentimental items and valuables
  • Supplies and clothing

Make Fort Knox Self Storage part of your fire readiness

Fort Knox Self Storage offers convenient storage facilities at 9 Melbourne locations, all outside of the bushfire danger zone.

Storage is available in varying sizes from:

  • Small lockers – perfect for storing photos, documents and jewellery
  • Medium and Large units – perfect for furniture, equipment and household items

Plan ahead and make Fort Knox Self Storage part of your fire readiness.

For more information on Bushfire Planning, please visit the CFA website here.

In 2009, We supported the Diamond Creek Bushfire Appeal which assisted families in the Whittlesea area. Based on that work we felt it was important to make a special offer to our customers who live in the bushfire zone and were affected by the Black Saturday fires.

After the 2016 Wye River fires, Fort Knox donated a shipping container to the local CFA. This was to help them store extra equipment and assist with the rebuild effort.


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