Minding your business

Everyday costs are rising, and even businesses aren’t immune from inflation. If you want to give your customers the best service without having to raise prices, then you need a way to cut expenses. Storage and warehousing costs can be easily reduced by switching to a cost effective storage unit. Storage units can act as a cheap warehouse with built in security and utilities. For one small monthly fee you have a safe and secure place to store your goods, with 24 hour monitored security and fire alarms. Most importantly, we have a storage option to fit most business budgets.

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No business is too small.

With rising costs and stagnant wages you may have turned to new ways to earn extra income. If you have had a great idea that has turned into a side hustle, then a storage unit can be a great option for holding inventory. Keeping your business products in a location separate from your home can be better for work life balance. You won’t be tempted to pack an order that comes in at midnight, because you can’t. In addition, control of stock is easy when it is securely stored in a location where only you have access.

‘Tisn’t the season.

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Self storage can be a great way to clear office clutter, or save seasonal stock until you need it. It can give you extra space when you need more stock on hand for the busy times. You can also use it to store seasonal decorations, or items that you only use for part of the year, so you don’t have to keep repurchasing. One of the greatest advantages is that self storage has no long term lock in contracts. If you only need it for a month to store stock for an upcoming season, then you only pay for a month.

Santa Claus in a hammock reading a book

A dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Why pay more for warehousing? Cut back on warehousing costs by using a storage unit with built in security, and utilities. You have easy access every day of the year. Fort Knox Self Storage is a convenient way for home based businesses to store inventory without cluttering up homes or garages. Whilst it is also a cost effective option for larger businesses with seasonal demand. Saving money just makes sense.

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