Giving back

Fort Knox team members crouching in front of sleep at the 'G sign

As a local business, Fort Knox Self Storage has always made it a priority to make sure that we give back to the community that we work and live in. Our team members are always happy to participate in charity events to raise money for various worthy causes. The effort they put in when they participate is also amazing. Moreover, they go above and beyond to show their support and contribute to each cause. Two recent examples are the sleep at the ‘G for Melbourne City Mission and raising funds at the Yarra Valley plant fair for Kids with Cancer Foundation.

Sleep at the ‘G

On a very cold night in May, several Fort Knox team members gave up the comfort of their warm beds for the night to get a taste of what it is like to sleep rough on the cold hard concrete of the MCG. In addition, Fort Knox Self Storage donated a large number Fort Knox Big Boxes to the event. These are used to add a layer of insulation from the concrete and create privacy shelters. This give participants a more authentic rough sleeping experience.  Importantly, money is raised through donations to the individuals and teams who participate. This year the Fort Knox Self Storage team raised a total of $3,929. Furthermore, the entire event raised $644,737 to help end youth homelessness.

Fort Knox team members in their sleeping bags spending a cold night at the MCG for charity

Kids with Cancer Foundation

On Saturday April 22, dedicated Fort Knox team members, Ingrid, Barbra, Ruby and Sarah, made and sold 80 delicious cupcakes at the Yarra Valley plant fair. They spent their Friday evening baking a variety of professional quality cupcakes to sell. Although they made several delicious flavours, their most popular was Biscoff. Above all, the April Yarra Valley plant fair was a great fund raising event for Kids with Cancer Foundation. Our team really enjoyed having the opportunity to raise funds for this amazing organisation, who help with wigs, financial help for families, funds for cancer research and support for hospitals.

Biscoff cupcakes
Delicious cupcakes
Yummy cupcakes

We could not be more proud of our team members who volunteer their own personal time to participate in these fund raising activities for our local community.

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