The Annual Self Storage Bowling Bonanza!

I hear the rumble of the ball in the lane beside mine as I look across to see a look of pure desperation in her face as she stares down the seemingly endless lane. Then BANG! The sound ricochets around the room as pins frantically scatter in all directions. She anxiously waits to see if any are left standing? Yes, two lonely pins stand silently as her worst fear is realised, it’s a 7-10 split. Arrrgh! She stands impatiently waiting for the return of her ball. The pressure is mounting as she eagerly hopes she can pull it off and knock the remaining pins down and keep her team in the competition.

Like watching a slow motion movie she waits with heightened anticipation as the second ball rolls towards one of the pins, it scatters wildly and clips the side of the other pin, just enough to knock it off balance. Her heart races as she watches it rock from side to side. Then suddenly her teammates explode in a joyous raucous behind her. Both pins are down. It’s a spare. She did it!

On Friday 9th October, thirty six of our storage experts battled it out with some of our industry competitors in the Self Storage Annual Bowling Competition. For 6 years now we have been fighting to win the honour of knowing we beat them. Proudly we can say we have taken home the trophy twice, unfortunately this year wasn’t one of them. Although defeated in ten pin bowling our team can hold their heads high. For many of them it took great courage to get out of their comfort zones and tackle their weakness head on. I’m my mind our team are all winners. They embraced the challenge and although our scores were low they celebrated each pin as a victory. The comradery and support of all of our team is a great reflection on our culture and family values.


One of our great Fort Knox Teams! Chris, Grace, Sam & jess. One of our great Fort Knox Teams! Chris, Grace, Sam & Jess a massive 907 points between them.

Team events like this are of great value to any business. They improve motivation, increase morale and team work. Our team look forward to them and the turnout is amazing with an average of 86% participation time and time again.

Studies show that a happy, efficient team is a productive and innovative one. When communication, collaboration and creativity are encouraged, it has a positive effect on individuals the workplace behaviour and business goals.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the 2015 winning team from National Storage. And we would also like to recognise our Ringwood team for an outstanding result of 907 points represented by Grace, Chris, Jess & Sam.

Echoes of the Big Lebowski were felt at the bowling night. Echoes of the Big Lebowski were felt at the bowling night.

Additionally we congratulate Caroline from our Dandenong Site for the highest 2 game individual score of 259 from our team. Andrew from our Alphington site had the highest 1 game individual score of 143 from our team.

And while we have put our shoes and balls back into our storage unit for another year, we will be back with even more determination and strength as we try again next year.

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