Happy Halloween!

Witches, ghouls, goblins, cauldrons, pumpkins and trick or treating are just a handful of the scary, unsettling but sometimes fun things that are associated with the annual event that seems to get more popular each year – Halloween!

From somewhat gruesome and grotesque beginnings, Halloween has become an incredibly popular time of the year. A celebration of all things horror and macabre, but also the fun and joy experienced from kids running around in costumes asking ‘trick or treat’ on the eve. A pastime on this particular night that is probably most popular in countries like America and Canada, but still has traction here in Australia and has a keen following in the UK as well.

Beware of black cats this Halloween.

Due to the great fact that this year, Halloween falls on a Saturday night, venues all over Melbourne are planning and have organised Halloween nights for people everywhere to get their ‘ghoul’ on.

Halloween as with every seasonal event, usually comes with loads of stuff to put up around the place – pumpkins, cobwebs, witches hats(the black kind, not the ones you find on the road), and all sorts of scary stuff that you only use that one time of year. Similar to Christmas, seasonal decorations are a perfect candidate for self storage.

Happy Halloween!

Because they’re not the kind of things that you need on an everyday basis, typically event or seasonal items don’t really need to be on hand around the home and therefore are perfectly suited to self storage. Obviously we wouldn’t recommend getting a self storage unit just for Halloween and Christmas decorations – unless you really go all out – but it’s a great idea to combine them with other things that you may already have in storage or thinking about putting in storage.

So once you’ve cleaned up all the decorations, put them out of sight and keep them out of mid (until next year that is) with us in at Fort Knox Self Storage. Freakishly great storage.

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