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For this week’s blog, it’s time for another in our ‘Spotlight On’ series, as we head to the back of the pack and have a look at our greenest and most historic self storage facilities: Eltham.

Originally a hat factory back in the day, (check out our previous blog for more details: Hat Factory Blog,) Eltham has evolved over the years Once upon a time it used to share the site with additional businesses, until recently when Fort Knox expanded and took over the entire area.

Fort Knox Eltham’s grounds are one of our main features and a lovely place for a wander to destress after a hectic day of storing!

Set in a lush green setting and accessed via a small bridge, Fort Knox Eltham is very conveniently located at 197 Sherbourne Road, not far from the very centre of Eltham itself.

Opened in late 2000, Eltham has ample storage space, with storage units of all shapes and sizes from the small personal locker sized units to large commercial capacity sized spaces. They also have a thermostatically and humidity controlled wine storage facility.

We asked our team of storage experts at Eltham to list the 10 best things about Fort Knox Self Storage and this is wheat they came back to us with:

1. Our history – Eltham was the site of the old Latiners Hat Factory built in the late 50s and closed down in the early 80s.

Fort Knox Eltham was once home to a hat making factory. Fort Knox Eltham was once home to a hat making factory.

2. We have our very own Coffee Van Man – The Bean Master – out the front of the site every weekday from 6-9am – the best coffee around!

Where’ve you been? To The Bean Master, of course! Our on-site specialty coffee man.

3. We were the site of a skate park before skate parks were popular around Melbourne.  Kids from all around Melbourne used to catch the train and come to this site to skate. One of our current customers got picked up by Ripcurl in the 80s whilst skating here – he now stores over the original site for the main skate bowl!

4.Our beautiful gardens out the front – most people don’t know they’re there until they come on-site.  They are a unique and unusual design and were a series of ponds and water fountains. The gardens were set up by the original owner of the hat factory as a showpiece. Designed by Peter Glass (a local landscape architect) and Gordon Ford (a local landscape gardener).  These two used to work with Alistair Knox who designed many of the mud brick houses in the Eltham area.

5. Wine cellar – temp and humidity controlled with extra security

6. Our Customer Service – We do what we can to help customers de-stress and feel at home:  Home-like feel in the office.  Customers are offered a tea, coffee, herbal tea, water, biscuits, chocolates and if it’s hot, the fridge is well stocked up with free soft drinks

7. We have a large, spacious area for trucks to park with lots of access doors – especially important if it’s a busy time.

8. We have a great local network – important to many customers to use local.  Have a local recommended removalist, work together with local real estate agents, we take an interest in the local history and have many customers share their stories of the local area, we sponsor and support local organisations:  Banksia Palliative Care, Eltham Men’s Shed, Greensborough Central Rotary

9. Have managers that have worked at this facility for over 5 years and really know the site well. We are able to select the most appropriate unit for the customer’s needs; we understand some of the issues that affect local residents such as bush fire risk (with many storers coming here for the fire season).

10. We make it a priority to take TIME with each customer ensuring that all questions are covered including the following:  to ensure they know and feel comfortable with the access procedures – especially as we have after hours access, ensuring that all questions or concerns are addressed, making it as easy as possible for them to do what they need to do with the least stress possible

If you have any questions or would like to visit our Eltham Fort Knox Self Storage Facility for a tour, please either email us at [email protected], call us on 03 9431 4200, visit our website. Or just drop by to 197 Sherbourne Road, Eltham.

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