Let The Sun Shine In!

Although Melbourne weather is always unpredictable and fickle – take this week for example 30 degrees one day, then 17 degrees and raining the next – Summer being on the horizon means we are guaranteed to be getting some warmer weeks in the coming months.

Summer is synonymous with swimming, slip and slides, sunburn and sipping on a frosty beverage or two as the sun sets on a warm balmy night over picturesque Port Philip Bay. Banana lounges make an appearance, so do do dipping pools (or full sized one if you have the room), large umbrellas to put up over the outdoor table and the BBQ roars back to life like a grizzly bear fresh out of hibernation.

Now unfortunately all these things take up space and don’t just disappear once their usefulness has run its course for the Summer. And as we all know, space is becoming more and more of a precious commodity as time goes on. So the dilemma is – what to do with all the fun summer stuff once summer’s over and the colder, less fun (in this blogger’s opinion) months roll around?

Now unless you’ve got the space around the home, such as an attic or a nice big garage, you’ll probably find that you may be pressed for storage. This is where Fort Knox can come to the rescue as an option for that extra bit of storage that you just don’t have around the home.

Fort Knox Vermont Big or small, Fort Knox has a wide range of storage unit sizes available for any situation!

With storage units of all shapes and sizes, from big to small and everything in between Fort Knox is a great option for storage for Summer’s seasonal items. Consider giving us a call, or visiting any one of our 8 storage facilities around Melbourne and discuss your storage situation with any one of our highly experienced Storage Experts.


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