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This week, we are handing the blogging reigns over to our good friends up in Sydney, the great guys in at Rent-A-Space Self storage. Thanks for contributing to our blog guys, will definitely drop in to say hi next time we are up in Sydney. Also anyone living is Sydney, or considering moving to Sydney and looking at self storage, definitely give Rent-A-Space a call on 02 8758 0000 and tell them Fort Knox Self Storage sent you.

Their blog for this week focuses on some of the main reasons to consider self storage and the ways which it can be helpful in all sorts of situations. Read on!

When people first think of self storage, the housing of unwanted goods may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with a selection of different sized units available and plenty of convenient other perks, there are so many occasions where a self storage unit may just come in handy!

Check out our top uses for a self storage space below:

Streamlining a Small Business

As a business grows, the issue of space, most specifically the lack of space, may arise. Whether the business has become cluttered with excess stock, furniture that is no longer in use or bulky filing storage systems, self storage spaces provide a great opportunity to clear some room and make for a more efficient working space. As the cost of a storage space is much lower than that of a larger office or business space, self storage makes for an economical option too.

Self Storage sydney Clean, secure, and spacious, Rent-A-Space Self Storage Sydney is a great place to store.

Student Storage

Between semesters, self storage spaces can be very handy for students. Whether students have accumulated too many belongings to transport, need to travel to rural areas, interstate or overseas, or simply don’t need all their study essentials with them out of the school semester, storage units provide the perfect place to store everything that isn’t required during summer holidays and semesters studying abroad. With a number of different sized storage spaces available, students have the option to store just about anything, from a few bits and pieces to the contents of a whole room or even a vehicle.

Make Moving Easier

Moving house can be a stressful process, especially if the homeowner has a large collection of belongings, or are left with a period of time between moving out of one place and into the next. Self storage spaces help to reduce the likelihood of a last minute moving rush, allowing homeowners to move items ahead of time, as well as providing a place to put belongings that won’t fit in the new living space and store non-essentials if moving dates don’t happen to align.

Reducing Clutter at Home

With the passing of time, many homes start to get cluttered with collectibles, furniture and other items that hold sentimental value. Self storage spaces provide the opportunity to keep all items that take up valuable space, but make room in the home at the same time. A wide variety of items can be stored within a self storage space, meaning that most household items can be securely stored if the need arises.

rent a space self storage sydney Come and say hello at any one of Rent A Space’s convenient locations around Sydney.

Looking for more space and convenience during your move?

Rent A Space Sydney leads the way in Sydney self storage with 11 locations around Sydney and as a proud member of the Self Storage Association of Australia, along with Fort Knox Self Storage, one of Melbourne’s leading self storage providers.


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