Bushfire season is here again

Well, it’s that time of year again where the mercury begins to rise and with the rising mercury comes days at the beach and hot summer nights, but unfortunately it also brings with it a more sinister side – bushfire season. And with another hot, dry scorcher being predicated, it’s even more imperative to ensure that you are properly prepared for the oncoming bushfire season.

fires in victoria

During bushfire season, some of our greener and leafier outer suburbs need to be on alert as bushfires are a real threat and as we see most years, can tear through an area with absolute disregard, putting lives, homes and valuable, or sentimental, personal items at risk.

So what to do if you live in these fire risk areas? Fort Knox Self Storage has dedicated storage for those in need during the fire season. Storing your valuable items out of harms way at one of our self storage facilities ensures that items like passports, precious family photos and any other priceless items and unreplaceables are kept safe and secure and away from the potential fires that could affect your area.

Keeping an eye on Government warnings can help save lives.

So, if you live in or around an area that is considered a fire risk area, give some thought to secure your valuable belongings with us at Fort Knox.

Eltham, Scorsby and Ringwood are the closest facilities to at risk fire areas and all 3 facilities are all fire rated for additional protection. So guarantee your peace of mind and ensure that your valuables are safe and secure over the hotter months, when fire hazards are at their peak.

Fire Protection equipment

If you wish to discuss your options and see how Fort Knox can help during the upcoming fire season, call one of our Storage Experts at the facility closest to on one of the following numbers: Ringwood on (03) 9876 0788, Eltham on (03) 9431 4200 and Scoresby on (03) 9764 2844.

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