Spring into Self Storage

Spring has definitely sprung in Melbourne, with new growth on all the plants and trees, seasonally unpredictable weather (30 degrees one day, 17 the next anyone?) and a feeling of joy as the winter chill begins to subside and the warmer weather is ushered in.

As we all know, spring in synonymous with the often dreaded ‘Spring Cleaning’. Where many shadows had been lurking around the house from the dull winter light, now bright light from the spring sunshine breaks through the windows, highlighting all the little nooks and crannies and showing up previously hidden dirt and dust!

As well as a general tidy up, spring presents an opportunity to do a wardrobe cull as well.

As well as the obligatory cleaning side of things, spring is also a great time to take stock of your surroundings. It’s a perfect time to consider the things that you have around your home and if you really need those things. If they’re just lying around the house, cluttering up the place and making you feel cramped in your own home it might be time to consider letting go.

Some Spring Cleaning essentials!

Some handy suggestions to help you decide whether or not to keep an item are:

1) Have you used the item in the last 2 years? If something has been in the cupboard or at the back of the pantry for up to 2 years and you haven’t used it, chances are you never will, so maybe it’s time to say goodbye?

2) Does the item hold any sentimental value? If yes, hang onto it, if no bye-bye.

3) Is it paperwork that is older than 5 years? Australian Government requires that you keep your tax records for up to 5 years, any other paperwork such as insurance policies or quarterly investment statements can be tossed after a year, and so if you’re hanging onto paperwork that’s older than that, it’s time to lose it.

4) Have your interests changed/evolved? Do you have some items that were once a much prized possession? Maybe your tastes have changed. Reevaluate what’s around the place and if you’re no longer that into it, maybe it could be time to put it up on eBay or give to a charity.

5) If it’s still too important to throw away, yet you no longer want it around the house, there’s always the great Fort Knox Self Storage to store your extra items in. Storage units come in all different shapes and sizes and can accommodate all sorts of knicks and knacks. So if it’s time to declutter and you can’t bear to throw it away, self storage could be the option.

Spring is a great time of year top really get into the the cleaning spirit!

One last suggestion for spring cleaning is just to tackle one area at a time. Thinking of everything at once can seem overwhelming, but if you break it down and chip away piece by piece, you’ll get through it a lot easier.

Good luck and happy spring cleaning!

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