Footy Grand Final Fever

After what was a relatively gruelling season, with some exceptional (‘Special’ anyone?) matches, some high profile scandals, a few controversies, plenty of biffo and more shouts of ‘Umpire’ from the crowd than everyone at Fort Knox have had hot dinners, the 2015 AFL footy season is almost at an end.

That's a lot of hot dinners.

With the big game just 2 sleeps away, Melbourne has started to buzz with the West Coasters arriving by the bus/train/plane load and flashes of blue and yellow are popping up everywhere. Unfortunately though the end of the season has already been marred by some very un-sportsmanlike crowd behaviour on the other side of the Nullarbor, but none the less the finals march on.

Hawks vs. Eagles, Its a bird lovers dream showdown.

West Coast, in their first Grand Final since 2006, where they took home the premiership against Sydney (who had taken it home from West Coast the year before), are meeting up against current Premiers Hawthorn. The Hawks having won back to back premierships and with a keen eye on securing the three-peat, they would be moving up to some rarefied air with only a couple of other teams winning 3 Premierships or more in a row.

Eagles supporters

As an added treat for Victorians this footy season, the state has declared that the Friday before Grand Final Saturday be a public holiday. Well, if we can get one for a horse race, why not a footy match. Just seems logical for the sporting capital of Australia. *

Although, once the season ends, what does that mean for the footy loving state of Victoria? Is it time to wash and pack up the footy jerseys, deflate the Sherrin football and chuck them into storage, only to pull out the cricket whites, pads, bat and balls for a whole new summer of sport? Too right!

*A side not on this is that Fort Knox Self Storage offices will be closed on this Friday, October 2, but access to all self storage units will be as per normal access hours.


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