The Self Storage Romeo of Ringwood!

This week’s blog is a heartfelt story, just in time for Valentine’s Day, written by one of Fort Knox Self Storage Ringwood’s customers.

Putting the rest of us gentlemen to shame, there is a reason he has now been dubbed ‘Romeo’ by all of our Ringwood staff!

This is Matt’s story – Read on!

My girlfriend Fiona has always been a big fan of easy-to-watch hard-to-swallow reality TV shows. One of her favourites is Storage Hunters, a program in which a group of colourful characters bid on abandoned storage lockers, spit corny catchphrases and argue. We spent the past few months in the UK, and every Sunday morning Storage Hunters was our guilty pleasure.

After heading back to Australia, I wanted to surprise Fiona with something personal for her birthday. Enter Fort Knox Ringwood. I hired an empty storage unit, and went about making it look like a genuine storage space full of old junk. Garden tools, oil cans, old socks and boxes were some of the items stacked inside, however within the boxes I placed gifts I had bought for Fiona.

On the afternoon of her birthday, I drove Fiona down to Fort Knox and surprised her with the fake news that I’d secretly won her a storage locker at an auction and whatever was inside, good or bad, was hers to keep. Thrilled with her present, Fi tried to hide her disappointment when she opened the door to find a bunch of old household trash, however as she rummaged through the unit she began to find her hidden gifts. Still unaware that the whole thing was a ruse, Fiona was very happy she had acquired some items that she liked.

Now most Storage Hunters episodes follow a similar pattern. Someone buys a unit seemingly full of junk until right at the back, in the old box under the tarp, they find an extremely valuable hidden treasure. This is why in the bottom box in the very back left corner of storage unit #1190 I hid the biggest surprise of all: a shiny new engagement ring and a proposal. Fiona said yes and we both couldn’t be happier.

We want to thank the crew at Fort Knox Ringwood for their enthusiasm with the idea and being part of what was a unique and fun life experience, and a very special day in our lives.

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