Lights, camera, Pac-Man, self storage?!

Earlier in the year year, Fort Knox Self Storage Eltham was the unlikely sound stage for young filmmaker Claire Giles’s award winning directorial debut!

Eltham College student (and potential next Jane Campion), Claire Giles’ film was 1 of 20 chosen to screen at the Kino Cinemas as part of the Etham College Film Festival. 15 awards were presented on the night, two of which Claire won for her movie – One for best sound and one for best lighting.

Set within the corridors of our self storage units, Claire’s movie “Pacman” took the 2 dimensional character and world of Pac –Man and injected it with a 3 dimensional life and personality of her own design. Delving into the psyche of the little yellow guy, the movie explores the themes of isolation, frustration and futility, bringing real life emotions and experiences to the main characters in the film. You almost get a feeling if this could be your life, stuck in the rat race, continually harassed, stuck in a maze(of self storage units) and no way out – but occasionally things come along (in Pacman’s case, cherries) and give you the power to confront your oppressors/demons and chase them away. Unfortunately for poor old Pac-man though, they always return.

With great costumes and a somewhat eerie voice over and soundtrack, the short film is quite an achievement for such a young filmmaker and worthy of it’s accolades. The filming was done over a day at Fort Knox Self Storage Eltham and was then cut and edited by Claire. She also enlisted the help of Sian Jones, Patrick Hooton, Jared Hoffman, Lindsey Bowtell and Katie Mollison for her film.

Fort Knox was glad it could be of help to and if you wish to see the film, follow this link HERE to see it on our YouTube Channel.

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