Husband Storage. Yes, it’s a real thing!

You probably have a vision of your husband or partner inside a 3′ x 3′ self storage unit, standing there with a sad look on his face as you close the door and lock him inside it.. but no, unfortunately that’s not the kind of ‘husband storage’ we are talking about in this week’s blog.

Although I am sure there are some wives out there that wouldn’t mind being able to do that to their other half from time to time, we are talking about the somewhat odd situation that has sprung up in China – husband storage/resting stations in Chinese shopping malls.

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This relatively new phenomenon has come into being to purportedly to allow women the freedom to shop and spend lots of money, while their dawdling, shop-blocking husbands get to hang out in ‘man storage’, and therefore don’t get in the way, or aren’t around complaining about being dragged around a shopping mall, during their shopping time.

Set inside a number of shopping malls around China, husband storage is becoming more and more popular as time passes. The most recent reports are of one in Guigang City. Pronounced “laogong jicun chu’ in Chinese, which literally translates to “Husband Cloakrooms’, these places are a refuge of calm and serenity for the Chinese blokes, away from the madness of the shopping mall. Where men can be men, amongst other men.

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So rather than being dragged around the shopping mall, Chinese men can talk to each other(probably complaining about being in a mall in the first place), read newspapers(the sports section obviously) and just do other basic manly things like burp, arm wrestle or play poker.*

The biggest question that comes out of all this is –  when will start introducing them at Chadstone?

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And if you have any questions about actual self storage, we would be more than happy to help! Just call us on 1300 668 638 or even pop over to our Twitter or Facebook pages. Although we may not be able to store husbands, we can handle just about anything else!

* these things may or may not actually occur in husband storage.

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