New Year, New Space.

Notebook with New Year, Goal, Plan, Action written in itWith the beginning of the 20’s upon us, many of us make new year’s resolutions to improve our lives in some way. For some of us the resolution is to simplify life and declutter. Maybe you have a “junk room”, a space that is full of stuff that you were going to get to later, or a garage so full that your car remains parked outside. Whilst having lots of things is great, finding spaces to store them in your home can be a burden.

Our lives have become so busy that sometimes we are too rushed or too tired to find a place to put things. This is how a junk room begins. It starts as the place that you put things to sort out later, and it slowly builds up. It may be a spare room, the garage or just a convenient corner where it’s easy to just put things in a pile. At some point that convenient place becomes a burden, a job that you don’t have time or energy for. Now is the time to do it. This is the time of year to start your decluttering journey, Now that you are motivated to make a change.

The first step towards decluttering is to give your junk room a new purpose. It could be a yoga space, a media room, a dedicated hobby space, or just room in the garage to park your car. Once you have a planned use for the room you will be more motivated to clear it. To begin the clearing process you will need boxes, markers, snacks and water.

If you are more eager to convert the space and start using it than to go through your stuff, renting a storage unit can be great as either a temporary or permanent solution to your clutter problem. A small storage unit or locker can be the easiest way to clear the space in your home whilst allowing you to keep your things. You can then access things as you need them and take your time to sort through the clutter at your own pace.
Be careful to only throw away the things that you truly want to get rid of. It’s easy to get excited about clearing out and throw away something that you really wish you had kept.

Make sure you set a reasonable time limit for sorting through your stuff. You want the process to have an achievable ending. If the process drags on too long, you can start to lose momentum and motivation.

Turning your junk room into a useful space is a great way to start the new decade. Fort Knox Self Storage has affordable, secure storage unit in 10 convenient locations. Will this be your year to declutter and reclaim a room?

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