Our People

Staff from Fort Knox Self Storage at SEBN Breakfast.

When you walk through the door at one of our Fort Knox offices you are always greeted with a friendly smile. This is because a large part of our company philosophy is to go above and beyond to help make a customer’s day better. When you step inside, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Many of our customers are in the process of selling or moving homes, which can be a highly stressful and emotional time. Our goal is to make putting your belongings into storage the easiest part of the whole process, by taking the time to listen and really understand your needs. This is what our customer service teams do every day.

If you have been into one our offices, you may have seen a poster on the wall with our 10 core company values. These values are: collaboration, team spirit & family values, respect, WOW factor, integrity, honesty, have courage, be passionate, incorporate fun, and embrace learning. These values form the basis for how we treat our customers and each other.

Throughout the day you will hear raucous laughter amongst the staff and customers in the office. Having fun is an easy way to make a positive difference to everyone’s day. Our offices are a place that customers can feel safe and relax, because our team are there to help.

Last year some of our staff attended a South Eastern Business Network breakfast event, where the guest speaker was Ben Darwin. A former Australian rugby union player, Ben spoke about why culture is often seen as the reason behind team success. In his speech he explained that long-term success is built by creating connections between people within an organization. It’s not the talent of the individual but the way the team works together that guides success. This is a philosophy that we follow at Fort Knox Self Storage.

Company values diagram

Every member of our staff is highly valued and respected and they in turn respect and value our customers. Everyone knows and feels like they are an important member of the team; from the newest staff member to the longest serving. These are the reasons why our teams receive such positive feedback from our customers.

The level of customer service you receive happens because we care about our staff. We train them and give them opportunities and spend time working on team building. We provide a place for you to store your possessions, but it’s the people that are most important.

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