Life Beyond your Comfort Zone!

Michelle Site Manager at Dandenong and Barbra Area Manager at Keysborough.

It’s easy to continue to live or work within your comfort zone, it’s safe and familiar.  However, this morning 3 of our Storage Experts attended an emotional yet inspirational breakfast seminar with a truly amazing young woman who has made a career from her bravery by living beyond her comfort zone.

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done”. Thomas Jefferson

In celebration and recognition of International Women’s Day the Great Dandenong Chamber of Commerce together with South Eastern Business Network hosted a breakfast event with guest speaker ultra-marathon runner Samantha Gash. An Ambassador for World Vision Samantha has done some amazing work in raising funds and awareness for women and children throughout the world. This morning Samantha shared some of her stories of the brutal yet rewarding encounters she experienced in her quest to run the 4 Desert Grand Slam amongst other crazy ultra-marathons that most of us wouldn’t even consider possible.

The 4 Deserts requires competitors to run four 250klm ultra-marathons across 4 deserts including the driest in Chile, the widest in Chine, the hottest, with temps soaring over 50 degrees in 90% humidity, in the Sahara and the coldest of deserts on earth in Antarctica. Not only do you need to complete the 4 but it’s to be accomplished within a calendar year. It’s no surprise that this race is one of the toughest endurance races on the planet. And Samantha not only completed it but made history in becoming the first women and the youngest person at the time to complete the Grand Slam.

Left to right Michelle, Julia, Samantha Gash and Barb.

In 2014 Samantha ran 1968klms across South Africa’s Freedom Trail to raise awareness of the high cost and lack of access of feminine hygiene products to many African Women. Today Samantha shared with us some of the emotional experiences she encountered as she explored South Africa including the barriers young children face with access to quality education and the shame and loss of dignity the women feel for something that is so natural menstruating. Her stories included high mortality rates relating to malnutrition, diarrhoea and lack of hygiene. Samantha’s raw and open disclosure of some of the most horrific experiences anyone could ever endure left most of the room with a heavy heart and wiping away our tears as we sat is disbelief. And while her achievements are nothing short of legendary it’s her passion, motivation and inspiration for all of us to take that brave and scary leap into the unknown and live beyond our comfort zone that resonated with us.

Our Storage Experts Barbra, Michelle and Julia want to thank Samantha for sharing her story with us and we cannot think of a better ambassador to lead the discussion for change and celebrate International Women’s Day with us, you are an incredibly amazing person.

In support of her inspiring work attendees including our team donated a range of feminine hygiene products to the “Share the Dignity” project which funds women whom are homeless living in poverty or victims of domestic violence.

If you would like more information on Samantha’s journey or on how you can make a difference, please visit the website below.

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