Sleep at the G 2018

Fort Knox Self Storage has a long association with Melbourne City Mission and their quest to help put youth homelessness to bed. With 6,000 youth homeless, in what is supposed to be the most liveable city in the world, it is a very gloomy situation. The team at Melbourne City Mission do a fabulous job helping over 5,000 homeless people a week, however despite their tremendous efforts there are 1000’s that fall through the gap. In a city and country as rich as ours no young person should be forced to sleep in unsafe housing, couch surfing or worse, on the streets. Not only is this physically unsafe but mentally tragic for these youngsters, and the long term physiological effects stay with them for life.

This year’s event saw 1422 people take the challenge to sleep out and have raised a staggering $984,706.00, doubling last year’s effort, which will make a remarkable difference to youth homeless.

Fort Knox Fort Knox has supported the SleepAtTheG event from since its fruition and ongoing for the past 6 years. And while our team didn’t sleep out this year we are still 100% committed to our ongoing support and have once again donated all the “beds”, helped market the campaign contributing to this fabulous cause.

On Wednesday 16th May 2018, four of our storage experts unglued 10 pallets, 1500 boxes in preparation for delivery to the MCG. While this is an exceptionally tedious job the team willingly helped our knowing that their efforts were for a fabulous cause.

Once the 10 pallets were ready two of team members personally escorted the precious cargo to the MCG in preparation for the night. On arrival we were greeted by security and taken down top the loading dock. Once unloaded we escorted our big boxes to the main entrance and ensured they were in place ready to be handed out on the night.

Whilst unloading the boxes we had a young man by the name of Gabe visit us. On a guided tour of the MCG with his mum he was fascinated at the thought of people sleeping overnight. So, we explained what the event was about and asked him if he would personally like to test our Big Box for comfort. As pictured below Gabe curled up testing the box for sleeping. And while he was happy be our official quality control tester he was shocked that people sleep on just a box for the night!

While the night is personally challenging we have found this event to be an incredible team building opportunity and has increase morale and pride of our team by working collaboratively in changing people’s lives whom are less fortunate.

For more information on Melbourne City Mission or sleep at the G visit
See MCM taking delivery of 1500 boxes 16.03.18

Pictures: Top – Craig Shanahan delivering all 10 pallets of boxes to the MCG
Bottom – MCG visitor Gabe road testing our big box in preparation for the night

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