David Moore – 10 Years of Service

Gone are the days when you had one job for a lifetime. With so many opportunities to retrain yourself and change careers, people don’t tend to stay in the same job for long. So, it’s a great honour when we have a valued member of our team reach the 10 year service mark. Today we celebrate 10 years of loyal service by one of very loved casual team members Mr David Moore. I interviewed David about his time with us at Fort Knox Self Storage and about his life outside of work.

When I asked David what he enjoyed most about working here at Fort Knox he said:

What I enjoy in particular about life at Fort Knox is working with younger people, predominantly the student population. They keep me feeling young at heart but sadly old when I have to compete with their skills on a computer”.

Before joining our team in 2008, David had a solid background in sales and marketing. I recall interviewing David for this role and he displayed a genuine interest in people. He is quick to build rapport and has a calming demeanour, making clients feel at ease with him. He likes to get to know people and have a laugh. His life experiences make him easy to connect to and he understands what our clients need. David worked for ICI Australia for almost 20 years in various Sales and Marketing roles.

David is a mature man with good old fashion values. Having a career prior to the world wide web he has witnessed many changes.

 “At this point I feel old again with the ongoing development of the Internet at breakneck speed in Marketing and more recently in Artificial Intelligence and who knows where that will end up. However, it isn’t perfect. Read on”.

While he embraces technology he also likes to point out that it’s not perfect.

 “At school we were always told when it came to spelling a word with the letters “I” and “E” the rule was “I” before “e” except after “C”. 

One question I asked David was “What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you?” His response while factually correct is also amusing.

 “I draw your attention to the spelling of “weirdest” at the beginning of the last paragraph. I spelled it according to the aforementioned rule and it automatically reverted to what is incorrect spelling. The word “receive” is an example of the correct use of this rule.    So much for the Internet.! I rest my case”.

Outside of work David is a keen golfer and a good one at that. Having been a finalist and winner of two A grade Club Championships and a runner up at his beloved club Yarra Yarra, I believe he is a far greater golfer than he makes out, this is typical of his humbled nature. David also informed me that he like to dabble in the stock market which is slowly becoming a way of life for him in spite of being savaged by the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.

David is very much a glass half full kind of person, so it comes as no surprise that his favourite saying is; There will be Sunshine after Rain and Pleasure after Pain.

Additionally, he is very much an independent person and does not shy away from any household tasks. He is known to be a wiz on the broom and takes great pride in ensuring our sites are kept clean and tidy.

I asked David what his favourite food was and there was no surprise there either. Having shared many a lunch with David it is evident he is a man of habit with his infamous ham and cheese sandwich and cup a soup. Although he is very open to trying new foods to the delight of some members of our team whom take great pleasure in trying to expand his culinary experiences. Although it appears he is being a little more adventurous in the kitchen of late.

That would have to be Ham and Tomato sandwich with either Egg or Cucumber. No surprise there. My Philosophy is that I eat to live not live to eat. However, having said that I am taking lessons from a mate who is more than adept at cooking Stir Fry.”

Having spent many years in Brisbane David is more of a rugby man than an AFL follower, however, he supports our footy tipping competition and actively engages in Monday morning Banter. When I asked who he supports he said:

 “That would be Melbourne Rebels – Rugby Union and Melbourne Storm – Rugby League. 2018 will be a huge year for both so get on the bus before you miss out.

It has been an honour and a privilege working with David over the past 10 years. He is a loyal and dedicated employee, but more than that he is a true gentlemen and has become a good friend. David has a genuine caring nature and his desire to continue to learn new skills is a credit to him. There is an old saying that your greatest assets is your team and David is a true testament to this.  The Management Team and I want to thank you David for 10 wonderful years of service and we look forward to continuing our friendship for many years to come.

So I want to finish with one last story from David, I asked him what is the weirdest thing to have ever happened to him?

 “ It was in February 1971 when I was travelling around Australia. At this stage I was in Alice Springs for an overnight stop. As one would expect it was stinking hot. So where does an Irishman take refuge from the searing heat….you got it The Alice Springs Hotel. I walked up to the Bar where there was only one other patron, perched on a stool waiting for another beer. As soon as he ordered a beer I could tell straight away he was a Kinsman from my part of the world. In fact he lived about 12 miles from my home and drank in the same pub every Saturday night as I and my school mates did. It was a big pub with over 100 patrons on a Sat night hence the fact we never met each other and grown men never drank with kids anyway. Needless to say it was a long night in a small world!




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