Fork Knox Proudly supporting “Jobs at Home Day” 2017

Work place health and safety is something that we take extremely seriously here at Fort Knox. We have a solid commitment and investment in the welfare and work life balance of our team. And while there are many reasons in the workplace to ensure a safe work environment there are so many more reasons at home.

In conjunction with Work Safe Victoria’s campaign Jobs At Home Day our team is holding discussions about the reasons why we need to ensure safe work practices.

“Jobs At Home Day” celebrates the jobs that need us most. It’s about identifying what unique or special job you have at home and the reason for returning from work safely. While this is a serious matter “Job At Home Day” allows all Victorian’s to be a little creative and think about what their role is.

This could be anything from story telling master, to bath time bubble supplier or even specialist patter. Whatever it is that you do at home with your family, be it human or furry, there is often an important role or person at home waiting for you. And while in most cases we are replaceable in the workplace no one can replace us in these unique roles at home.

Our team got right behind this campaign and we had some very interesting & creative position titles. There were a number of jobs caring for our furry members of the family, in particular janitorial jobs. Spider removal was another popular job as well as finding lost property. Here are some creative titles:

  • Lead carrot distribution controller
  • Domestic poop scoop coordinator
  • Commander poop scooper
  • Spider redeployment specialist
  • Lost property specialist
  • Superior Manager of everything
  • Fixer upper
  • Queen of all
  • Principal cat poop strategist

We would like to thank Work Safe Victoria for a great campaign and for providing our team badges for free. This is a great initiative to remind all Victorians the reason why we need to ensure work safe policies. So next time you want to take a short cut in work practices stop and think outside the task and remember who, what or why you need to be home tonight. Remember safety is the number one priority in all workplaces.

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