Keep Your Collection MINT in Self Storage

If you are like many of us out there, you probably have a hobby or interest that revolves around the practice of collecting. Be it LPs, comics, 50’s memorabilia, Star Wars, sneakers, or just about practically anything. If you can name it, you can collect it. So much so is the prevalence of people who enjoy the hobby of collecting, that the ABC had a series running for a couple years, (2010-2011) simply called “ABC’s Collectors which looked at different peoples collections and their motivations behind them.

In the early days, objects like stamps, coins and spoons were considered prized possessions and were the focus for a lot of people’s collections and are still so today. Although more recently, with the advent of popular culture, it has seen items like Star Wars memorabilia, toys, comics and other movie and TV related items become popular.


With some more extensive collections, storage and display at home can sometimes be tricky, with collections sometimes taking over the house and overtaking what little storage space is available. Self storage can provide a perfect setting to keep and maintain your collection if it outgrows your house (or your relationship)! Another instance where your collection may need to relocate is the addition of a new member to the family – again self-storage can be an ideal solution.


An additional benefit of keeping your collection in secure storage is that it can be fully insured and you can keep your collection in the best possible, mint condition, without the worry of something happening at home that could damage or devalue some items. Thus keeping your collection as valuable as possible.

So if you feel you want to protect your valuable collection of just need to make some more room available in your house, our size guide is here, give Fort Knox Self Storage a call today on 1300 668 638 and one of our ‘Storage Experts’ can help tailor a self storage solution for you.

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