Maximising Your Storage Space

This week’s blog is about keeping your house in order, so to speak, and making the most of your self storage space.

As with many things in life, organisation and general maintenance are the keys to getting the best out of most situations and the same can be said for self-storage. If you are efficient in your packing and check in regularly to your unit to do regular assessments and clean outs, then you will find that you will (my sales manager will kill me for saying this) find that you can probably downsize you storage unit, and stop paying for wasted space.


]Self Storage Clutter - Maximising Your Storage Space Not Keeping an eye on your Storage Unit can lead to disastrous results!

Speaking from experience, I inherited the caretaking of my parents self storage space. (Who were for better or worse of the just ‘ just throw it in there’ philosophy.) After some time and effort to reorganise and catalogue what was in their unit, I found that almost 25% of their storage unit going to waste and therefore was able to downsize to a more cost effective unit, just by re-positioning some items and in some cases re packing some of the storage boxes within the unit.


A couple of other ideas are, checking that boxes (Fort Knox Boxes of course) are efficiently packed and not just half full, utilizing the space in any cupboard or drawers that you may have in storage. making sure their spare storage space is filled with other items and makes the most out of having wardrobes or chests of drawers in storage – there’s no point in leaving empty space.

Chest of Drawers - Maximise you storage space Drawers in storage can be extremely useful – make the most of the extra space they provide.


We recommend going in for a self storage space check-up every 3 to 6 months. Maybe you have some new items that you need to clear out form home – a perfect opportunity to go in and see what you could possibly move out of storage to make way for the new stuff.


Vacuum Storage Bags_Maximising Your Storage Space Vacuum Storage Bags represent a great opportunity to make the most of your storage space.

Reading through our hints and tips documents can be of help in these situations also. Following this link will take you to our Hints & Tips PDF.


If you have any other questions or queries about whipping your storage space in to shape, give one of our Storage Experts a call on 1300 668 638 or email us a [email protected]

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