Green Transfer art project

Today we were fortunate enough to attend the Green Transfer Art Launch event held by the City of Melbourne. A little while back we posted some images on our Facebook page about the exciting changes happening to the building next door to our West Melbourne site. The exciting changes were the begining of the Green Transfer Project: 1200 Building Public Art Commission.

About 540 commercial office buildings in Melbourne have been retrofitted to improve energy and water efficiency since 2010, by a group of savvy owners. They have been tuning and retrofitting commercial buildings to improve operational efficiency. Retrofitting a building promotes environmentally friendly spaces which inflict minimal harm on our eco systems and it benefits society by lessening the sectors contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. According to the 1200 Building Project and the City of Melbourne, tuning and retrofitting commercial buildings, improves operational efficiency, improves staff productivity and reduces a buildings contribution to global warming.

City of Melbourne 1200 Buildings Project City of Melbourne 1200 Buildings Project. Image courtesy of City of Melbourne.

The Green Transfer Art Project which is finished and currently in West Melbourne is the winning artwork commission by Arup for a sustainability-themed public artwork. The piece was commissioned by the City of Melbourne (Arts and Culture Public Art Program) in partnership with Positive Energy places and us at Fort Knox Self Storage. The project is an automated, operable façade that delivers information about the environmental quality and performance of the building.

The piece is powered by electricity supplied from 117 photovoltaic (solar) panels, which often exceeds their zero carbon status. The physical installation features an aluminum frame which is made up from 200 recycled roadsigns arranged to form 540 moving pixels.

Green Transfer Project - 490 Spencer St, West Melbourne Green Transfer Project – 490 Spencer St, West Melbourne

Fort Knox is proud to be involved with and support the Green Transfer Project. We highly recommend stopping by and viewing the art piece if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

For further information about the initiative go to the 1200 Buildings website.


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