Australian Open 2017

As a Melbourne family owned company, Fort Knox is proud to have the Australian Open (AO) the grand slam of Asia/Pacific in our home city since 1972, and there is nothing we look forward to more in January then walking around Rod Laver Arena and getting in the midst of it all, by surrounding ourselves with the current tennis greats.

Australian Open 2017 Image Courtesy of Pieces of Victoria

Founded in 1905, the Australian Open is chronologically the first of the four major tennis tournaments of the year, following afterwards the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. It is a real honor to have the Australian Open recognised as one of the four major tournaments.

The Australian Open is currently in its 112th year, with the Rod Laver Arena being the main venue to the AO since 1988. Being a major tournament recognised worldwide with a seeding system, the AO runs annually in Melbourne over the last fortnight in January.

The month of January is always a busy tourist season for us in Melbourne, with the AO typically attracting a large attendance to the city. Already a week in and sitting at the edge of our seats to see how gets to the finals (at least I know I am) the Australian Open tennis tournament is running from the 16th to the 29th of January this year, so you still have time to grab your tickets and head over to Rod Laver for some tennis fun.

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