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Three Tips for Decluttering at Work 

Having a messy workspace can make it difficult to get important tasks done efficiently. When you have too much clutter on your desk, it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. You’re more likely to get distracted by the piles of paper that need to be filed and the paperclips that are slowly taking over your desk, making it next to impossible to get any work done.

Here at Fort Knox Self Storage, we are all about helping people declutter their lives by getting excess stuff out of their way to a secure storage facility. Because of this, Bupa Life protection cover featured us in a recent post about decluttering. Here are a few of our top tips for simplifying your life at work.

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 Go Paperless

 As we told Bupa for their article, How to Declutter Your Home and Your Life‘, the best way to reduce clutter quickly is to avoid using physical paper as much as possible. Rather than printing out a memo, simply send it over email. When taking notes at a meeting, use your tablet or laptop instead of writing everything down. Make use of your phone’s reminder feature rather than sticking post-its all over your desk.

You’ll be amazed by just how much of the paper on your desk could be stored virtually instead. As an added bonus, it’ll be much easier to find the document you are looking for on your computer than in an endless pile of paper.

Clear Out Your Inbox

Clutter doesn’t always have to be physical; it can be virtual as well. Many workers spend a big chunk of their time each day going through emails. Keeping your inbox clear can make your day go much more smoothly.

 Set aside specific times each day to check your email rather than acting on each one as it comes in. For each message, either respond to it, save the information elsewhere, unsubscribe from it, or delete it. Don’t leave messages sitting in your inbox to be dealt with later.

Utilise Off-Site Storage

 Your office likely has some file cabinets stuffed to the brim with important documents. While it is necessary that you keep them, it is unlikely that you will need to use them on a regular basis.

Instead of keeping these files in your office, box them up, label them accurately, and store them off-site at a storage facility. That way, your documents will always be there when you need them without taking up valuable space in your office.

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