Fort Knox guide to safe keeping during bushfire season

We all know that summer in Australia can see some glorious blue skies, warm weather and sunny days. However, the downside is what comes with it, bushfire season.

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Protect yourself this year and follow Fort Knox’s guide to safe keeping during bushfire season.

Step One: Have a Plan.

To make your house and yourself safe during bushfire season have a plan. Write a list of the steps you will take if an emergency situation happens. Create a box of fire safety items that are easily accessible that the whole family knows about. Such as a fire extinguisher, safety blankets, torches etc. There are tools to make sure you are always up to date with.

Write a plan

Step Two: Protect Your Valuables.

Fort Knox Self Storage has dedicated storage for those in need during the fire season. Storing your valuable items out of harm’s way at one of our self-storage facilities ensures that priceless and irreplaceable items are kept safe and secure and away from the potential fires that could affect your area.

Important items such as passports, sentimental valuables, jewellery, documents and even cars, boats and motorbikes can be stored for safe keeping. Anything you do not want destroying during a fire can be protected.  Storing your vehicle protects it from the elements, increases it’s life span and reduces loss of value – so secure and protect your vehicle with Fort Knox Self Storage car and motorbike and car storage. Fort Knox offer’s storage cubes for any need – large or small.

Fort Knox Keysborough

Step Three: Stay Informed.

Stay informed by monitoring weather conditions outside on fire ban days, and keeping up to date by checking the website, listening to the local radio station and downloading the app.

Create a fool proof plan to give you ease of mind and enable a seamless transition if an emergency should occur.


For further information on storage solutions over the summer, contact one of our storage experts either by email or call your local facility.


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