Judy Thompson Hugs Society.

The Judy Thompson Hugs Society was created in memory of Judy Thompson who passed away in 2008. Judy and her husband Richard were very involved in the local community, with Judy having an open heart and large passion for supporting members of the community and families who were facing hard times. Judy was involved with the local primary school for over 20 years both in a volunteer capacity and professional employment capacity. She had a passion for helping others and came in contact with many families in need.

Judy was known for her big hugs, which became the natural inspiration to title the Judy Thompson Hugs Society. With her love for helping others, she began, with her husband Richard, to make Christmas hampers and donating them to families in unfortunate and tough situations.

Fort Knox Donated Boxes

Fort Knox has been fortunate enough to be involved with the Judy Thomspon Hugs Society for the last 5 years by donating 40 of our archive boxes to pack their Christmas hampers in. We pride ourselves on working with organisations and companies who are like-minded and share the same philosophy about us and the community.

The Judy Thompson Hugs Society Christmas hampers will be largely distributed by a social worker who is part of the Judy Thompson Hugs Society family and also through a local family who are affiliated with the local catholic school. The hampers will be donated this festive season to families in need.

Judy Thompson Hug Society Hampers

If you would like to join the Judy Thompson Hugs Society family, have and idea for fundraising, or know someone in need, please contact them at: http://www.judythompsonhugs.com/blank.

The Judy Thompson Hugs Society is wholly funded by generous donations.

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