Fort Knox Self Storage Sleep at the ‘G

Here at Fort Knox Self Storage we are committed to supporting our community by actively engaging in local municipal groups and charities in order to help them achieve their philanthropic goals.

On Thursday 18th April 2013 a group of 10 of our Self Storage team together with approximately 800 others exchanged the comforts of their homes and braved the cold to Sleep At The ‘G’ in support of Melbourne City Mission to combat homelessness.

Although the temperature may have been low, our spirits were high as we welcomed sleepers at one of Melbourne’s icons the MCG.

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Fort Knox Self Storage team with Volunteers

To simulate the homeless experience all sleepers were given soup and a bread roll for dinner and a cardboard box to sleep on complete with a warming personalised message from our Fort Knox Self Storage team.

Fort Knox Self Storage donate boxes for people to sleep on

Fort Knox Self Storage donate boxes for people to sleep on

Fort Knox Self Storage proudly donated all the boxes and our team together with the support of friends and family raised a fantastic $2719. We are really proud of all our sleepers and thank them for their commitment to such a great cause.

Fort Knox Self Storage Sleep at the G team

Fort Knox Self Storage Sleep at the G team

With 10,000 young Victorians under the age of 24 being homeless, and up to 22,000 Victorians each night without a home or bed to sleep in, we were more than happy to sponsor this fantastic event to help raise much needed funds for those less fortunate.

Being a family owned and operated Australian business, Fort Knox Self Storage supports community organisations that share the same family values we do. Giving back to the people that support our business is one of our driving philosophies.

Our goal as a company is to support groups in our local areas in a meaningful way. We chose to support Melbourne City Mission Sleep at The ‘G as statistics show that one of the main contributing factors for young Victorians becoming homeless is caused through family breakdown.

We find our charitable strategy brings a new and positive feel good attitude from our team and they really enjoy the benefits of building relationships and getting to know the people in their local area.

Businesses’ who support local groups helps make our communities better places to live. Here at Fort Knox Self Storage we help in many ways by providing goods and services to people who might not otherwise have access to them.  By nurturing the family values of our local community our company values cultivate.

You can find out more about the Sleep at the ‘G event on their website. It is a great cause!

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