Self Storage – For things you can’t let go

Remember the days of large blocks of land, sheds, garages and spare rooms. We were a nation of hoarders – because we could be and had the space to have self storage at home.

We hold on to things for many reasons, they represent a part of our lives, a moment, a memory and they become valuable collectibles.

As the cost of land becomes more prohibitive the demand for smaller homes & high rise housing is increasing. So what do we do with our excess goods & occasionally used items? Many of us don’t even have enough storage at home for sporting goods, documents or seasonal linen and clothing.

Self Storage - For the things you just can't let go.

Self Storage – For the things you just can’t let go.

At Fort Knox Self Storage we pride ourselves on providing many different size and types of storage units to hopefully cater for everyone.

For decades now, Self Storage Facilities have always been commonly used for those when moving house, going overseas and for excess business stock and archives. Traditionally the demand was for larger storage units, from small bedroom sized units to large garage style units.

Times are changing though and Self Storage is becoming a way of life, a necessity, for many homes & families who just have a need for a small unit or locker – a virtual spare bedroom or a large storage cupboard.

Fort Knox Self Storage would like to introduce our Storage Lockers. The most popular are the 1m x 1m x 1m cubic locker & the 1m x 1m x 2.7m high unit.*

Many customers don’t know that we have these as an alternative and yet they are such a practical and affordable option to safely store personal items, collectibles and surplus goods that are regularly or occasionally used. Our fantastic access hours also make them perfect for seasonal clothing and sporting equipment.

You’d be surprised what you can fit into these small lockers. Here are some examples:

1m x 1m x 1m high = 1 cubic metre

* Electronics and personal items of University Students living on campus, when visiting home
* Travellers and backpackers for important paperwork and valuables
* Photos, collectables and important paperwork stored for added security and fire protection
* 18 Archive Boxes
* 180 Bottles of wine
* 108 Pairs of shoes
* And over 2400 DVD’s

Self Storage 1m x 1m x 1m locker

Standard 1m x 1m x 1m locker

1m x 1m x 2.7m high = 2.7 cubic metre

* Golf clubs, ski’s or surfboards, Outdoor furniture and plenty of boxes
* Tradesmen’s tools
* Point of sale merchandise
* Excess stock
* Up to 300 archive boxes
* Approx. 750 bottle of wine

What is your precious item that you just can’t let go? For more information please get a quote from our friendly helpful team.

* Unit sizes may vary slightly at different locations

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