Fort Knox Self Storage Goes Green

At Fort Knox Self Storage we are committed to minimising our carbon footprint and minimising our environmental impact.

To assist us in our current energy use reduction program we have engaged Synergetics Environmental Engineering in West Melbourne. They have completed a full environmental audit of the Fort Knox Self Storage West Melbourne branch and reported their findings, in detail, via a 37 page report.

The Synergetics report detailed the following findings via their extensive level 1 and level 2 audits:

* Our current carbon footprint
* Audit of our current energy consuming devices
* Estimated energy use allocation
* Illuminance measurements
* Energy Efficient options
* Conclusions

Fort Knox Self Storage Goes Green

Synergetics detailed several options that we plan to roll out over the coming months and years. The first initiative Fort Knox will undertake is the ongoing replacement of all existing, well over 5,000, 36 Watt 1200mm fluorescent hallway lighting tubes. When existing tube fail they will be replaced for new 18 Watt LED (Light Emitting Diode) tubes. The new LED tubes have a longer life of 35,000 hours and will significantly reduce future hard waste, as the existing fluorescent tubes need to be replaced every year.

The new LED tubes will see Fort Knox Self Storage in Melbourne use 29% less power every year and significantly reduce our consumption of energy and impact of our building on the environment and community.

The LED lighting upgrade will complement our existing commitment to improving environmental initiatives within our group of companies and community. We are currently planning future upgrades of our car park lighting, signage lighting and 24 hour security lighting to the power saving LED globes and will continue to strive for best practice in these areas of our business.

For more information regarding Fort Knox Self Storage view our environmental initiatives here. To find out more about Synergetics please visit their website by clicking here.

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