Clearing the Clutter

This Clearing the Clutter blog post was written by Stacy in our Central Reservations team.

I have always been a minimalist, but as I scan my eye across the living area I cannot help but focus on clutter. The impulse purchases, stacked items collecting dust, the kitchen ‘drawer’ that is overflowing. As I walk into my garage, I discover I am one box away from being unable to park the car! I’m surprised how I have let the clutter accumulate.

How can I let this get out of control? Is it the consequence of a consumerist lifestyle? Could it be my ability to not let go? Or perhaps I am showing early signs of hoarding? Do I need help clearing the clutter?

Does this sound familiar?   We all have clutter in our homes, it’s a fact of life!   The good news is there are a few simple things you can start doing to de-clutter and get your home looking clean, fresh and spacious. Plus you’ll actually be able to find things again.

1. Have a plan – Stan!   Set a deadline.  Setting goals creates motivation and energy which assists you in completing your task.

2. Don’t take it too seriously!  Don’t think of this as a big chore.  Instead have some fun with it. Crank up the stereo with your favourite music and sing along while you de-clutter.


3. Bin it, donate it or Store it   Ensure you examine every piece of furniture and item and ask yourself, when will I need this and when did I last use this? – Use the bin it, donate it or store it policy.

4. Enlist helpers    When heavy work is required, throw a barbecue and invite friends and family to assist.  Many hands make light work.


5. Work quickly    Don’t spend too long umming and ahhing over what to keep. Your gut impulse is usually right.

6. Buy an A-Z file    Keep all of your documents organised. This is a life saver!


7. Focus on the outcome   Visualise how amazing your home will look when you’re done. Have a clear picture of what you want it to look like – and keep referring back to this to keep you going!

If you are reading this now – then clutter at your home has become an issue. Set a date now! It’s time to let go of those things that are weighing you down so you can enjoy a clear & spacious home with less stress and more happiness.

This blog post was written by Stacy in our Central Reservations team.

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