5 Important Self Storage Features

There are many different things to consider when looking at storing your belongings at a self storage facility. You want to make sure your goods are safe and secure – be wary of the red flags. Here are 5 Important Self Storage features.

Security Camera

1. Security: Always enquire about the security the storage facility provides. Is your only security….a simple padlock! Ask if they offer individually alarmed units and back to base video surveillance. Take no chances always use a storage centre that provides you with the best security coverage you can get.

2. Safe from prying eyes: Is the self-storage unit a cage or a fully enclosed unit with a roof and 4 walls? We highly recommend individual lock up units with a solid roof. To protect your goods don’t settle for a unit with a wire roof or worse still, no roof at all.

3. Cleanliness: How clean is the storage facility? Ask the consultant about pest control and take a tour of the facility. Always ask yourself if you would be comfortable keeping your personal belongings in the conditions presented.

4. Hidden costs: It may surprise, but some companies still charge cleaning fees and other administration fees which can double your first month’s rent. Ask about hidden costs, and do not pay for unnecessary fees.

Make sure you ask about these

5. Access: Some storage facilities provide limited access during business hours only. What are your personal circumstances – do you require flexibility? Do you foresee the need to access your goods before or after work, or over the weekend?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and importantly, when visiting a storage facility, always ask yourself if you feel comfortable within the environment. Choosing the right self storage facility is like going on a first date. Ask questions, make sure you feel comfortable and be wary of the red flags. Feel free to call us on 1300 668 638 or visit Fort Knox Self Storage here to talk about our features and ask about these 5 Important Self Storage features.

This article was written by Annie in our Central Reservations team.

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