How do you choose a storage unit

How do you  choose a storage unit?  Why pay for air – around 90% of our customers actually require less storage space than they think and  can end up paying to store air.

Estimating how much space you will require for your storage can be simple if you know what you want to store. Here are some simple steps to help you plan.

Step 1: Start by making a list of the items you plan to store.

Self Storage Packing List

Best to start with a packing list

Step 2: Group the items according to how you will organize them.

Identify items that will be packed in boxes and stacked. Next, prioritize boxed items you will want to access most frequently (they should go closer to the front of the unit). Then group items by fragility or weight – heavier, robust items should be stored on the bottom, fragile items on top. Then consider unusual items that won’t stack well, including how often you will need to use them, and how heavy they are.

Pack your storage boxes carefully

Pack your storage boxes carefully

Step 3: Make note of how these items will be packed and organized.

Boxes and containers should be of uniform size, and should be stacked no more than three- or four-high, depending on the size and strength of the containers you use.

Taking the time to plan for your storage will in turn help save you time and money.  You’ll be surprised how much can be stored in the right sized space.

Please click here to see a quick reference guide to help you plan what size unit you will need for your personal or business storage.

‘How do you choose a storage unit’ was written by Richard in our Central Reservations team. You can call Richard on 1300 668 638 for more advice.