Wine Storage to preserve your wine

Wine Storage to preserve your wine was written by Andrea in our management team.

In our culture, ‘The Australian Way’ is to celebrate and commiserate with friends, good food and equally good wine. We are now blessed with some of the best wines in the world made right here in our very own soil. Just in case you needed another reason to enjoy a glass of red –  It’s good for us, in moderation of course.

Red wine in glasses being held up for a toast.

So how do you keep and store your precious wines?

Most wines are best to drink within just a few years. If you are wanting to start a collection of some fine wines to mature, you really need to understand how to protect and preserve its quality with the correct storage conditions and wine storage.

If you protect the bottles and store them correctly, a good bottle of wine can keep for decades, as long as you follow these simple rules:

Keep it Cool: Ideal temperature is between 12 degrees celsius and 17 degrees celsius, with an ideal humidity level of 75%

Keep it Dark: If a wine is in direct light consistently, it will affect the flavour of the wine significantly, a result of premature aging

Keep it Sideways: This keeps the wine in contact with the cork, preventing it from drying out & letting in oxygen – which spoils wine.

Keep it Still: Movement and vibrations agitate the wine and can keep the sediment from settling in a red wine. Constant or consistent vibration will wreck a wine.While most of us don’t have underground basements to ensure these conditions are met, and if you value your investment, you must then look at the next best thing – Wine Storage in a thermostatically climate controlled storage unit.

Wine bottles in climate controlled storage

Most people presume it’s is an expensive option, but you’ll be surprised. At Fort Knox Self Storage we offer wine lockers for just as little as $1.50 per bottle per year. Our wine cellars are thermostatically controlled and remain at 14-16 degrees Celsius with 70% humidity year round.

Wine Storage at Fort Knox

So to give yourself confidence when you are opening your next treasured bottle of wine for a celebration, special anniversary, milestone birthday, birth of your grandchild or just a special night in and call Fort Knox Self Storage on 1300 668 638 to take care it. You can also see our wine storage details here.

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