Clear the clutter this Easter!

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we weren’t able to post this blog in time for Easter, but we thought we’d post it anyway. It might make you feel like it’s Easter all over again!

Our blog post this week looks at the upcoming Easter break and making the most of your holiday time. And by making the most, we mean packing up your clutter and putting in away in self storage! We know Easter is only a few days away but it’s good to come down to one of our great facilities now and get your packing supplies and boxes early.

Portarobe boxClear out the summer dresses to make way for the winter wollens and coats!

We at Fort Knox think that during this Easter break, (what better time than any!), you should take the time to look at areas of your house that are possibly full of clutter, or look at assessing those items that you may not necessarily want around the house, but hold some kind of sentimental value for you, pack them all up and put them into storage. Give yourself back space in your home that you thought you may never get use of again!

With the change in seasons it’s a great time to go through your wardrobe and pack away your summer clothes and make room for heavy coats and woolly jumpers that take up so much space. Come down and pick up a port-a-robe or some clothing and linen bags to pack away unwanted clothing. Your wardrobe will feel refreshed and spacious. Inflatable pools, banana lounges and trampolines all take up extra space throughout the cooler months clogging up your garage. Well no more, simply pack them up and store them with us leaving your garage free for your car.

Garage full of stuffClear the Clutter and reclaim your garage!

If you’re not sure of what size self storage unit you may need or costs involved, our friendly and extremely helpful ‘Storage Experts’ are available to help on 1300 663 638 or we have a vary convenient Space Calculator to help give you an idea of the type of space you may need. We also have a great range of packing and storage accessories to make any pack and move as easy as possible. You can see our full range of gear here!

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