Self Storage and the Seasons

Winter is coming! For those of you who have put away their winter clothes and jackets in self storage, it might be time for a visit into your local, hopefully Fort Knox, storage unit, to fetch them out. There is snow at Falls Creek for the first time and the temperature gauge is heading south. It’s May 1st and winter is on it’s way to Melbourne!

Sometimes it can be a bit of a battle ground at home over wardrobe space, so to help save arguments and marriage breakdowns, it can be a good idea to rotate wardrobes between home and self storage during the change of seasons, to make as much clothing space available at home as possible.

Using a self storage unit, either part or whole, for additional wardrobe space helps free up critical space for those new dresses from Zara or jackets from Ted Baker. Particularly during the changing of seasons, it is a good idea to keep your winter clothes in storage over summer and your summer ones over winter. It certainly frees up precious wardrobe space. Possible Either having an old wardrobe in storage or perhaps you could grab a Fort Knox Self Storage has Port-A-Robe to house your unused seasonal clothes.

This theory also works with electrical goods and other seasonal odds and ends. Heaters in storage over summer and beach towels and sand buckets in storage over winter. Uncluttering areas and freeing up extra space around the home where you need it most.

Fort Knox Self Storage offers storage units of all different sizes to accommodate storage needs of all kinds. So ‘weather’ it be winter of summer, if you are looking for that extra space around the home of just want to de-clutter – we have storage options for you. Either call us on 1300668 638 to speak to one of our Storage Experts or click here for more information on available storage sizes at our sites.

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