What’s in the box?

Boxes aren’t something that people tend to think about a lot, but when you are moving house boxes are very important. At Fort Knox Self Storage, we put a lot of thought into the quality and cost of boxes. We believe that part of our job is to make your moving experience as pleasant and easy as possible.

Not all boxes are created equal.

Fort Knox Big Box

A moving box is not just the same as any other box. It is most important that moving boxes are strong and durable enough to hold anything you need to put in them. They need to survive being loaded on and off trucks and moved between rooms. There is nothing worse than having a box break open in the middle of a move, creating chaos and stress. Our high quality boxes are made from recycled fibre and kraft paper and are thicker and more durable than standard shipping cartons.

The right box for the job.

Special things need special boxes. We stock a lot variety of specialty boxes that serve specific purposes. To begin we have wine storage boxes, with bottle inserts that keep the bottles separated and safe. There are also Port-a-robe wardrobe boxes, which have a steel hanging rail to keep your suits and dresses neat and crinkle free. In addition, there are the document boxes made with a heaver duty cardboard, that also have a built in lid and carry handles. Lastly we have picture/ mirror boxes that are big and flat, so you can just slide in your art or mirror in and tape the top closed.

Picture mirror box with picture protuding from the top

There’s more to moving than boxes.

packing tape roll.

More than just boxes, you will need protective products like paper, blankets, and bubble wrap to keep your items scratch, mark, and break free during your move. Luckily, we have these things available, and at great prices too. In addition, there are protective chair and mattress covers, and clothing and linen bags to expand your packing options. Lastly, we have packing tape and dispensers to seal those boxes with speed and ease.

Want a deal?

Most of us have a lot of stuff and need a lot of boxes and packing products when we move. Moving is already expensive, so we to keep the cost of our boxes as low as we possibly can. In addition, Fort Knox Self Storage also has great money saving packing deals and discounts available.

Fort Knox boxes and moving products are available at all our facilities or online for pick up or delivery.

3 bedroom value pack of Boxes and moving supplies including tape, paper, bubble wrap and linen bags

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