Storing Your Special Memories

As emotional people we tend to hold onto those precious memories that we have created throughout our life, however when it comes to the physical pieces such as paintings, drawings, photographs, we generally have a hard time keeping them in a safe place and for most of us if these memories were destroyed we would be quite sad to see that happen.
Storing your special memories in a climate controlled storage unit not only prolongs the life of your photos but it also prevents them from being destroyed or lost in the back of your closet collecting dust and potentially being destroyed by the various elements within the home.
As we are becoming more and more a society living in the digital age, there isn’t a better time to start protecting those special memories from your child’s first end of year school photograph or your parents wedding photos or even that special outfit that you would keep for that perfect occasion that you just can’t get rid of.
When it comes to your photographs, organise them in acid-free paper albums and store them in marked boxes stating the year they contain. That way when a special occasion arises such as your sons 21st or your daughter’s first child, you can easily pull out those photos that will make an impact on that moment.

As our lives are constantly progressing and changing, put your mind at ease by choosing self storage for all your special memories which will help your clear away any clutter at home and keep all those pieces that you are emotionally connected to but just can’t give them away a safe and clean environment that is easily accessible and organised at any one moment.
To learn more about our climate controlled storage facilities contact us at one of our 10 convenient and state of the art storage facilities.

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