4 Tips to creating your dream home office

The state of  your home office can have a major impact on your productivity, happiness and your health. Productivity flourishes in environments that inspire you, so follow our four steps to creating your dream office.


As simple as it sounds, decluttering your home office is the first step to creating your dream space. Clutter can have a profound impact on your productivity so the first step to your dream office is sorting through any paperwork, books, magazines etc that you no longer need. Removing any excess paperwork that you haven’t looked at in years will ease up some space for you to start organising. As for any paperwork or items that you wish to keep, but don’t use regularly, think about using a storage unit.

Tip: Try and collate all your paperwork by digitalising it. There are quite a few online storage websites that will help you achieve this.

Photo courtesy of life hack.org

Photo courtesy of lifehack.org


Colour is an important part of our sensations and senses, and the colour of your home office can really impact your mood and productivity. According to Forbes.com the colours on your walls can impact the success of your business. Think about the colours you love and how they make you feel. For example, the colour green is known to bring forth feelings of calmness. If painting your entire office frightens you, then think about adding accents of colour to the space, or even just painting one wall.

Tip: A great way to also add colour is by using plants. They add a touch of freshness, clear the air and add that ‘green’ calming colour.

Image courtesy of Pinterest Image courtesy of Pinterest


A dull, dark workspace is not going to inspire productivity. Think about the lighting in your office. Is it bright and airy? Or is it dark and depressing? A good home office should allow plenty of light to come in. Rearrange your furniture so that you capture the most natural light possible. If your office doesn’t have large enough windows for this to happen, then look into brightening up the space with some more lighting.

Tip: Additional lamps are a great way to add extra lighting and a personal touch to your office.

Image courtesy of Pinterest Image courtesy of Pinterest


The most creative part of achieving your dream office is the design. Creating a space that you find aesthetically pleasing will boost your happiness and also get you excited to spend time in that space. Think about what puts you in a good mood. Is it Art? Personal photos? An inspiration board? Taking the time to think about what you love in a space and trying to incorporate that into your home office will improve your productivity, as well as health and happiness. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Exeter found that participants who engaged in decorating and designing their own space, were found to have increased their productivity by 32%.

Tip: Don’t follow trends when it comes to design, follow your instincts and you will create a space for you.

Image courtesy of Housebeautiful.com Image courtesy of Housebeautiful.com


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