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Your well-being is important to us, so it’s now easier than ever to sign up for a storage unit without leaving the safety of your home. To help stop the spread of COVID-19, you shouldn’t be out and about unless you absolutely need to. So now you can complete the storage sign up process online. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 with our contact free move in system. As long as you have access to the internet and a copy of your photo ID, you can sign up from anywhere.

At Fort Knox Self Storage, we love getting to know our customers and taking time to listen to their stories. It’s a great way to find out their storage needs. Though, in these difficult times we would prefer to do that on the phone and not in person. Our offices are still open the regular hours and we have staff who can take your call. You will still experience our high level of customer care and understanding, just at a distance.

Doing the “paperwork” online is not a new concept at Fort Knox. We started out a few years ago with our paperless contracts as a way to cut back on paper use and waste. It is also just so much more convenient to have the “paperwork” sent to your inbox, especially if you’re moving house. Your storage agreement is always where you can easily find it when you need to. This system proved to be popular with our customers in the last few years, so a fully online move in process was the natural next step.

We want our customers find moving their belongings into storage easy. So we are always finding new ways to improve what we do and make it easier for customers. This is just another way to make your storage experience as pleasant and hassle free as possible.

We don’t know how long these COVID-19 restrictions are going to last, but we do know that our contact free sign up is a safe and easy way to move into storage.

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