Recognising our long-term employees

Once upon a time when you got a job it was for a lifetime. However, in today’s world a person averages 15 -20 job changes over a 50-year career. For businesses retaining their employees has huge benefits such as a happy and more productive workforce. The cost of rehiring is astronomical and for small businesses the process is both overwhelming and costly.

But what makes an employee stay, well that is actually quiet simple, job security, fulfilment, culture and a sense of achievement go along way into employee retention.

And while statistics tell us that the average term of an employees employment is 3-4 years here at Fort Knox Self Storage we are challenging the norm. During a recent anonymous, happiness survey our team credited our company culture and family spirit as key factors in their employment satisfaction. The longevity of our team is a true testament of our company values. This week we honoured 8 team members for their long-term employment and commitment to our “family”

Fort Knox Self Storage celebrates our long term empoyees
The Fort Knox Self Storage team from left: Kris, Joanna, Naomi, Craig, Connie, Spiro, Guy & Russell

Celebrating 5 years’ service:

Naomi ~ Working behind the scenes, so to speak, the ever vibrant and bubbly Naomi is an integral part of our accounts team. A wiz with numbers and boasting a fun sense of humour we celebrate Naomi’s 5 years of service to keeping our balance sheets intact.

Kris ~ Manager of our newly opened Coburg site Kris is accredited to the growth of Alphington, Ringwood and now Coburg sites. Kris has a genuine kind and caring nature, passionate about football and family, she brings a zest for comeradery, team work and family values to our crew.

Craig ~ A valued member of the senior management team Craig is responsible for the look and upkeep of all our sites. Being in charge of facilities provides Craig with numerous challenges. Craig has an uncanny demeanour balanced of calm and humour and works tirelessly to ensure our facilities look sharp.

Celebrating 10 years’ service:

Connie ~ While recently joining the Coburg site, most of Connie’s time with us has been at our Eltham facility. Connie is exceptionally family focussed and cares and nurtures for the team as her own. Connie is well liked and respected by all her colleagues and clients alike with many visiting her for a friendly coffee.

Celebrating 20 years’ service:

Russell ~ More intimately known as Russ, Russell is a creative mastermind. Credited for his amazing skill and imagination Russ works behind the scenes on engineering and maintaining the upkeep of our self storage facilities. Russ has a beautiful friendly disposition and is always happy. We cannot thank Russ enough for long-term commitment and dedication to our family.

Spiro ~ King of accounts Spiro has been our CFO for 20 years. And while he may not always be seen at sites, we cannot thank him enough for ensuring our finances are aligned. Spiro is a keen footy fan and father of 2 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the group.

Joanna ~ Group Manager & Director, Jo as she is more warmly known as, brings the meaning of family to fruition in our company. A mother of 2, Jo has a beautiful caring nature ensuring our team are both happy and fulfilled. With an addiction to chocolate her personality is both sweet and rich.

Guy ~ Our GM, company Director and master leader. Without the hard work, dedication and drive we wouldn’t be the company we are today without him. Guy works tirelessly not only to ensure the success of the business but to ensure our values and culture are first class. He is a supportive leader and is an inspiration to us all.

On behalf of all our team here at Fort Knox we honour and salute these amazing colleagues for their ongoing loyalty to the growth and development of our business. You are all super stars!

Fort Knox Self Storage is a Melbourne-based and family owned business. The first Fort Knox Self Storage centre opened in 1996, and since then we have grown to be the market leaders in Victoria. We currently have 10 storage centres in the Melbourne metropolitan area and are growing all the time. Read more about us here.

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